Friday, December 31, 2010

my last blog post of 2010.

didnt make any resolutions... no reason to.
i never keep em.
when i'm ready to change, i will.
dont need the extra pressure of it changing from 2010 to 2011 to make me make brash decisions that i have no intention on following through on.
i'm gonna take this time to thank God.
this year was VERY trying for me.
if you've been following my blog you know most of what went own with me this year.
lol. needless to say its been a crazy year.
but i'm still here && God willing i'll be able to see the end of next year.
i love my readers, whether they like me or not. lol.
i hope all ya'll make it into the new year safely.

<3 Trixie Bermuda. ; ))

WDclassics trending on twitter!!

we're doing big things man.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i'm sad.
the Wale concert is tomorrow && i'm not going.
:/ && i loveeee me some Wale.
my parents just wont let me. -_______-
hopefully he'll come back to houston soon.

funn night. lol.

nothing's ever promised tomorrow today..

love these girls...

miss these girls...
wish these girls would leave so i could have a chance to miss them... lol.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the GREATEST entertainer that ever walked the earthhhh.

my mini me.

even though she's a spitting image of my brother.
her names Victoria, she's 8 && she's almost as tall as me. -____-
oh they grow so fast. 

my baby. my first love. the one that NEVER did me wrong.

this is "the family camera" so i couldnt take it to school with me.
but first && foremost its my baby.
this camera has captured some of the happiest, wierdest, saddest, funniest events of my life.
i loveeeeeee it.
its a shame that my parents dont put it to good use.
they even lost the charger so i cant even use it anymore.
: / but i still love it.
i've moved on now... bought myself a Canon Powershot for my graduation.
doesnt even compare to my first love, but it'll do.
you never forget your first.

Monday, December 27, 2010

my love/relationship icon.

there's some people in life you just CANT let go.. && there's some you just dont know HOW to let go.

this is a reoccurring incident.
got a bad track record with dudes.
i couldnt even tell you what the problem is or where to begin.
but it always happens the same way.. we get super close, then we fall out something serious.
i admit i could be quite aggravating sometimes.. i mean i'm a scorpio. lol.
i'm loud, annoying, stubborn, rude, self centered, spoiled, mean... but they realize these things about me!!
i'm also very loving, caring, loyal && pretty damn funny.
i never really expect things to change once i'm at a happy place in life...
but they always do.. more often than not.
it aint easy for me to let people leave my life.
i guess i feel that they provide me with a certain happiness && when they leave so will that happiness.
OMGGG! i just had a breakthrough. a light bulb just went of in my head.
see i love to blog, i get to vent && analyze myself at the same time.
but anyway.. i seen someone the other day.
made me reminisce when we were at a good place.
something about that kid isnt right though, no matter how many times i reached out to him && no amount of heartfelt apologies would move him.
i always try to figure out if he is the same person i was best friends with, cause his heart aint in the same place.
its been hard for me to give up on him cause... he extended his hand most when i needed it most.
did some very admirable things that was unexpected. i just cant believe that within an exchange of petty words that your feelings could change so quick...
or was it all a lie??
people like him fuck it up for everyone else... 
i havent tried to befriend a male since our friendship ended.
just dont like people always coming in && out of my life cause i get wayyy too attached.
BUT! there's a point to this post..
i found a way to him let it go.. took forever && a day but its done.

hottie mchot hot.

Beatles Let it be cover

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

ya'll are appreciated.

i remember in high school my blog used to be the talk around travis.
lowkey though. i would blog, people would read..
i actually had fans, all that good stuff.
then when i made it private && started blogging less i started losing my followers.
that made me sad... how you go from 20+ views a day to like 3?!!
that irked me like no other.
but my followers are picking back back up!!!
yay me!!! that makes me really happy.
so everyone who's been reading, ya'll are appreciated.. dont really care to know who ya'll are.
just know i appreciate it. ; ))

Merry Christmas.

i DONT wrap gifts. like at all

i've only bought two Christmas gifts this year... a dvd player for my fam && a LV key pouch for my man.
dont really expect much from anyone else.. cause Christmas isnt even a about all that.
shame to know i finally realized that when i was 19. lol.
this Christmas is special though... i'm alive, so are my friends && family.
thats about all i need.
; ))

a glimpse at what my son will look like.

just like his daddy. ; ))

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i really love photography.

this is brilliant.

one of my favorite things to do... smile. ; ))

text convo with him.

me: guess what i'm doing...
whiteboy: what?
me: i'm wrapping my hair. yea i'm prettyyyy bored.
whiteboy: oh. cool. what is that?

lol. he's so cute!!!
i gotta get this off of my chest so we can be public.
this is a dilema.
my dad says the only time you hide some is when you know  its wrong...
but honestly i dont feel its wrong.
i'm just tryna ease my way around it before i burn a bridge that is in already repair.
lol. i'm talking in circles.. no one but me would understand.
fuck this lowkey ass relationship!
...gotta figure this out.

God will bless me with some talented kids.

; )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"Scorpios are very emotional people, who need love, crave, fight and ask for it."

i wanna get this tatted on my forehead.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i'm in this LS relationship.
lol. with white boy.
he's not really LS but the situation in which it occured is...
i gotta be lowkey about him until i tell a certain someone.
lol. i guess i'm the LS one.
*shoulder shrug* it bothers me none.
but anywayyyyyyyyyy...
ohkay ya'll know how excited you get when you first get into a relationship && everything is new?
lol. like everything about this kid amazes me!!
&& he has the perfect sense of humor.
mmk, so yesterday we were talking && he wanted me to teach him yoruba.
&& it was so cute cause he really wanted speak it.
lol. but i dont really know that much.
ahhh. he asked me what i wanted for Christmas... (perfect boyfriend)
for a minute i was stuck, contemplating whether i should take advantage of him or not.
it was a hard decision, for real though...
but if i wanna make this work, i gotta get rid of bad habits.
so i will be getting my sparkly black toms. : )
but valentines day is a whole nother ball field!!!
awww... look at me thinking about our future. cuteeeeeee.


new relationship bliss...

...lets see how long this'll last.

this might be TMI but idk..

so today i wore a tampon.
first time ever.
lol. i've always been to scared to stick one up my vajaj but i was like itss now or never Elizabeth!
i did it.
&& i'm proud of myself... but i'm sticking to pads.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

; ))

i should take my own advice in that last post.

Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them.

watching i can do bad all by myself..

its a good movie so far..
i started tearing up, well actually really crying at the scenes where tiraji was crying. lol.
she's a good actor.
sadly the theme of the day has been death.
well i guess yesterday..
this girl from the WEST died.
not a very admirable death, but a death nonetheless.
&& the 16th marked 7 months since Tobi's death.
i wanna admit this... cause sometimes its easier for me to type my feelings than to tell them to people.
i miss that kid a lot.
&& sometimes i get the urge to leave my heartfelt message on his wall on facebook but everytime i try to i get embarrased && dont.
... its just something that effects me personally && no one would understand how.
it basically couldve been me that night... i hate remembering prom night && usually never talk about it.
all i know is that if someone else close to me died again i just dont want to know.
let me be in the dark PLEASE.
not everyone can handle death, grieve && move on.
i'm one of those people that cant. so i'd just rather not know.
please everyone, i beg of you! BE SAFE && dont put yourself in harm's way.
God will take care of the rest.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

no handssss! lol.

i loveeeeee them.

but mostly Khloe.

done with finalssss!!!

i'm happy i'm done...
now i have to wait for the results.
i pray to God i did well cause if i dont then ya'll'll see me at hcc next semester.
pray for me, i cant go from UofH to hcc...
DEFINITELY not a good look.

Friday, December 10, 2010

coming entirely way too soon. ; ))
hypebeasts beware...

a surveys just cause...

Could you go a day not talking to the last person you kissed?
yea. why not??

If you woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would your reaction be?
last night i must've blacked out... thats the only way that this scenerio could happen.

How did you get your last bruise?
from scratching my mosquito bite. : /

Where is the person you miss the most right now?
NewJersey. : /

Do you have nightmares frequently?
only when i watch scary movies. lol.

Do you think relationships are hard?
depends on ya'll state of mind... if ya'll are ready to make it work then it'll be easy.
but if you know ya'll are not committed && its just "another relationship" then it'll be kinda hard/stressful.

If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?

What was the last movie you went to see and with who?
lol. idk... i watched part of Obsessed in my room last night, until i got scared && changed the channel.

Are you in a relationship with anyone?
not at the moment.

Who’s the last friend you were chilling with?
Johnisha India Smith aka JoJo.

Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
uhmmm... yea... but it was like when iwas 12. lol. i swore i was "in love" with that boy.
...just young && dumb.

 What are you planning on doing after this?
UH vs UTSA basketball game... maybe party after.
&& study study study sunday.

Who was the last person to lay on a bed with you?
Laura. lol.

Will tomorrow be a good day?
God willing.

What’s the last thing that scared you?
Obsessed yesterday. lol. but uhmmm.. seeing my grades.

How long have you liked the person you do?
oh Lordd... idk. i plead the fifth.

What is your main ringtone on your phone?
calls "Karoake" - Drake.
texts "The MC" - Wale

Is the last person you kissed older than you?
my God brother is 3 1/2. ; ))

What do you notice first about the opposite sex?
shoes... so cliche but its trueee.

Do you text in school?
i'm not even gonna answer this question.

Do you think anyone will ever completely figure you out?
a few people think their close but my soul is an endless abyss..
hopefully God'll send someone with patience and just the right amout of arrogance to put me in my place until then...

Are any of your texts in your inbox locked and why? From who?
i WISHHHHHH i could lock my texts put stupid nokia's dont have that option.

Are you anything like you were at this point last year?
not at all. i'm much more arrogant. idk... its something about being in college, lowkey competing with people over everything. not too much pressure, but enough to get things done. i've gotten lazier..
more crazier than i was under my parent house.. yea, that had to be the biggest change.

Your ex randomly shows up at your house, what do you say?
... nothing, that would NEVERRRRR happen. they've all been briefed && debriefed about my house.

In the next 48 hours, will you hangout with a guy?
yuppppppppppp! : )))
Goose is coming uo here.

Ever kissed an ex after you’ve broken up?
yea. lol.

The last person to text you asks you out, you say?
...the last person is Goose.

What are your favorite types of movies?
comedies, love, action.

The last person to text you?
omgggg! me && Gustavo Parragaaa are texting. damn, stop asking.

Do you currently have any cuts on your body?
a bitty one on my finger.

Has the last person you kissed ever taken their shirt off in front of you?
lol. i bathe him. sooo... i've pretty much seen it all.

Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
yea, yesterday. ahahha. true story.

Do you study a week before or the night before a test?
usually the night before, but i'll look over notes a week before.

If the last person you kissed saw you kissing another person, would they be angry?
lol. when i kiss his brother he gets jealous.

Would you rather be the heartbreaker or heartbroken?
heartbreaker... i cant stand to have my heart broken again.

Is there someone you can be your complete self around?
yea, Dami knows me throughout. lol.

 Is anyone jealous of you?
i hope not, my life aint all that.

Does somebody have feelings for you? 
uhmmmm... i sure do hope so. ; )

Who is your last missed call from?
a number that wasnt saved to my phone.
i dont pick up random calls.

Would you rather be mad or sad?
neither... madness turns to sadness && vice versa.. both still aint a good look on me.
why cant i just be happy?? i'm a delight when i'm happy. ; ))

Has anyone told you that they missed you lately?
yea.. Matthew Otule. made my heart flutter.

What are two things you did today?
paint my nails, put songs on my computer from my phone.

Ever licked someone’s cheek or forehead?
all the timeeeeeee! ahahaha.

Planning to watch movies anytime soon?
not really.

Are promises important to you?
very much so!

cutest pics everrrr! lol.

I just wanted to be at peace with you...

And if I gotta settle for a piece of you
Then I gotta say peace to you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


thats how i'm feeling right now..
this post is dedicated to him.
why cause i keep thinking about it && i want to spill my guts..
in my head that makes perfect sense, dont judge me.
so i had "date."
well i guess technically not cause we were in the cafe, but ya'll get where i'm going.
we talked, about everythinggggg.
i talked a lot. lol. even more than usual.
i felt different with this kid.
calm, no pressure... yet still kinda nervous.
my friends say i left them for 2 hours && came back glowing.. lol.
i was on cloud 9 for the next 3 days...
still am actually.

car show.

more pics on my facebook.

i've got jungle fever..

M. A. M.<3

(&& no, those are not his initials.)

i'm back, as in FULL attack.

lol. top of the domeeeeeee!
i swear i'm a lyricist at heart but anyway i've decided to no longer keep my blog on private.
its just not fair to ya'll.
i know ya'll DIEEEEE to find out what i'm doing && how i'm living. lol.
i'll keep updating more often too.
so much happens, all so fast....

Mr. West..