Saturday, November 13, 2010

yesterday was my birthday!!!!

honestly it was one of the best birthday's i've had ever. and i alwaysssss have sucky birthdays, so at first i really didnt want to do anything.
Dami FINALLLY came to visit me, with Siera.
but we ended going to a Kappa party with the girls.
it ended up being fun night.
Dami couldnt hang. lol.
she was about to pass out towards the end.
for some reason the Kappas think its cool to turn UP the heat.
&& everyone was sweaty, i swear i lost like 3 pounds. lol.
but i had a greattttt time && got alot of birthday love from everyone.
that itself just made my wholeeee day.
but certain people, people i used to eff, with showed no love.
thats the thing about me... i never forget anything.
i probably wont remember who all showed me love, but i know who all didn't...
i would take the time to list out everyone but i'll let it go...
for now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

boys at UofH...

i will elaborate on this when i have free time..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

today my dad called me...

first time since i've been at college..
he told me he was traveling && would be back in a few days.
our convo last 4:12 minutes.
this would bother most people but not me.
i just feel validated in all my  previous && future actions.
*kanye shrug*



 "I have a feeling God won't let me be happy until I find my joy&happiness in Him! I feel Him."

this has to be one of the realest statement i've heard in a my life.... partly because it speaks EXACTLY to my situation.
&& the even more surprising thing is Dami said it!!! ahahahha.

Monday, November 1, 2010


i dont question myself very often..

so whenever i do, i know that what i'm doing is very burdensome && weighs heavy on my heart.
i dont know... that thought just came to me.
i went to choir practice at this church over here in 3rd ward.
i miss RCCG choir && singing at church makes me feel like i'm doing something right.
you know, like getting a little closer to God.
its just my theory...
i was new at that church.. i attend their bible study there thursdays, but i'm realllll lowkey.
no one really knew me, or anything about me. (THANK GOD)
and after choir practice was over everyone was chilling and mingling && for some reason i was being anti social.
yea, me!
i just.. man idk...
i know the kind of person i am... i'm not perfect, i dont try to be perfect..
i dont hide the wrong i do, in fact i'm very up front about it.
i just didnt want to be judged by these "Christians."
i didnt want them to think one way about me && then see me outside of church and figure they were all wrong about me.
lol. get it??
its not like i'm putting up a front.. i'm just settled with who i am && honestly dont have a urge to get better.
it makes perfect sense to me...