Sunday, October 3, 2010

friday night... was a good night.

so friday night was our Big sister, Little sisters sleepover.
fun, fun, fun!!!!
first we started the night off by going to this "game night."
lol. it was more of a Alpha/AKA kickback actually.
nice amount of people, spacious apartment, food, && lots of drinks! ; ))
i had quite a few... lol. then they found out we were young && stopped giving us drinks.
jolly ranchers && rum = A1.
they got the music going && the Alphas && AKA's started strutting.
it was so cute, cause i've never seen Jasmine dance before.
then like 10 minutes later a cop came. ahahhaa.
kicked everybody out!
we came back && chilled for awhile then went to Dago's.
smh. all i can say is RATCHETEDNESS.
drunkards, trannies, people with their babies. smh!!!
mind you this is like 2 in the morning.
we did talk to this one lady though, she was hella funny.
we were in that place for like over an hour cause it was so packedddddd.
i was sobering up, then jojo && helen started rapping over the radio. lol.
we went back to the quads && i popped in House Party, brought out the ice cream && we had our sleepover.
i'm getting settled in my bed, && i heard this loudddddd snoring.
i'm like WTF... && its Jasmine, she's goneeeeeeee. me && Jeremiah started taking pics of her. hehehe.
oh yea, Jeremiah came and chilled for a bit.
i had a fun night.... only think i regret is not taking more pics.
......that Jasmine didnt bring a corkscrew for the Moscato. -____-

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