Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drake concert last night was EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCC!

even though i got there TWO HOURS LATEEEEE!
omg, i enjoyed myself soooooooo much.
i love Drake, he's so fine, he's so talented.
i want to marry him.
omgggggggg. i had such a good time.
i wish i could relive last night.
i wanted to see him at high rollers but we went to the Omega mansion party instead.
OMG i love drake so much, i cant wait till next time he comes to houston again.
i wish i could've actually met him...
omg i loveeeeeeeeee Drake sooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh. lol.
i took like literally a billion pics. but i'm too lazy to upload them all.

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