Sunday, October 17, 2010

a bit rough around the edges...

but i have a heart, i have feelings.
i may try to play it off like things dont bother me but little things actually do.
things that you wouldnt even consider to be an issue..
i dont know thats just me... my needy nature.
people get so rapped up in my false sense of contentment that no one even bothers to think i have feelings too.
i was laying in my bed last night. for some reason at midnight to like 2 in the morning i always get the urge to text people.
just to talk... its wierd, yet never fails.
last night i didnt have no one to text... no one to talk to.
i went on thinking why??
why dont i have someone to talk to right now...
its not like people werent up.. i just didnt have anyone to talk to.
actually the people i wanted to talk to i wasnt cool with anymore, thats the real truth. lol.
for some reason i just have the urge to make amends with those people.
&& for some reason all of them are guys....
i hate being unhappy, especially when i make myself that way...
Andrew, Jermaine, Dominic, Papa... hell even Prince.
they all made me happy, at some point.
i'm not really happy anymore. i wanna be happy again.

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