Thursday, September 30, 2010


lets face it, i have a gift, a purpose, a talent in business...
i think i get it from my dad, cause he's an accountant && i've been around his business all my life.
thats why i'm so money minded....
when you see thousands of dollars, every single day, money that is not yours, you begin to think, "how can i get this money?? how can this money be mine??"
&& me being the lazy person that i am, i dont wanna work too hard for it.
my ideal job would be doing the least amount of work && making the most money...
but thats implausible this early in the game, so i gotta work hard at it.
thats why i'm using all my business savvy towards WDYM. tryna blow up.
not just blow up... thats short term.
tryna make a name for ourselves && be a respectable, established fashion company.
i'm working on this end, networking && such.
much bigger audience, much more money. ; ))
anyway check out the website.... place your order today!!!

&& also check out the blog!

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