Wednesday, September 22, 2010

truth is...

this boy wrote on my wall.. "Truth is. even though we barely talk, i kinda look up to you. lol kinda"
he was tryna play it off with the kinda, but i know what was up.
that shocked me...
you look up to lil ole' me??
for why?!!!!
lol. i think i'm a HORRIBLE example, definitely not a role model.
then someone broke it down to me.
I was on the phone with Alicia && she was like, "yea, i can see that.. your you. you come real all the time. you dont try to be someone your not, or pretend like everything is dandy. you say what you feel, && do things other people wish they could." 
wow.... i didnt think i was that big a deal, just a rude ass person, who constantly thinks about herself && puts other people on the back burner.
i dont choose to be bold... it just happens. *shoulder shrug*

some advice: just be yourself. someone, somewhere will appreciate you for it.

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