Saturday, September 11, 2010

since i have the time...

i'll tell ya'll about one of my wild experiences at college.
it was at a frat party.
(by the way i LOVEEEEE going frat parties.)
all the frat houses are like next door to each other in this one apartment copmplex.
&& like 6 of them were having a party that night so me && my girls were house hopping.
it was an epic night.
all of the frats were white...that night i noticed the difference between white people rollups && black people rollups.
lol. its pretty much an art form now.
the white girls were all over the place, not really getting the job done but i guess the guys were satisfied.
lol. i dont know...
me && my friends were dancing with each other then this white guy comes up behind me.
he whispered in my ear, "come on lets find the beat girl."
lol. i was a little offended but i danced on him anyway.
this boy was rocking and swaying && i was like damn daddy slow downnnn!
lol. i'm used to black boys just standing there && letting the girls do all the work white boys be tryna groove with you && shit.
but he was throwing me off! like WTF! he was so fast && the song was slower. smh.
after awhile i just got off. lol.
what can i say... it was an experience.

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