Sunday, September 19, 2010

my cousin's in love && she dont even know it.

you know how people try to deny things and play things off like its nothing??
but you can see right through the person cause either you've been through it yourself or you've seen it too many times.
i chilled with Tonia thursday.
she's my cousin && goes to UofH. []
i wonder if i should speak on this... lol.
but anyway, she's in love.. whether she realizes it or not.
i think she realizes it, just doesnt want to acknowledge it from fear of getting hurt again.
lately she's been spending more time her ex, so she was telling me about it.
unconsciously cheesing the wholeeeeeee time, and denying the fact that she liked all the attention && affection.
lol. it was cute, but i peep game.
we met up with him later... oh lord.
smh, these two act like middle schoolers who were left alone for a day.
&& the funny thing is they both swear their single. -____-
despite his past actions towards her, i think he's a cool guy.
&& as long as he dont pull no shit like that again, he gets my stamp of approval.
lol. i call him Uncle Boudreaux.
she was happy, he was happy... everyone deserves to be happy.
they make me think though.. is it better to get into a relationship, being unsure && vulnerable or to be content && single??
i like to be sure of myself, && be in control of everything... but one thing i cant control is my heart.
you cant help who you love && tryna fight it only makes it worse.
at times, you just gotta take a chance, you only live once..

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