Monday, September 13, 2010

"is it possible to be in love with someone who doesnt love you back??"

i asked that today on twitter...
i'm too lazy to write my thoughts... i'll just copy && paste a convo then elaborate from there.

tanna_bby: I think it is but why would u want to?
me: its not that you want to, you just can't help it..
tanna_bby: yea but i think the person ur suppose to be in love w/ will love u jus as much as u love them, otherwise its just not meant to be
me:Whether or not the feeling is mutual, wont affect your feelings. It should, but when your in love everything is meant to be...
tanna_bby: im not saying u dont love this person or still have some feelings but IN LOVE is something totally different

she made a very valid point that made me realize loving someone && being in love with someone are two different things.
being in love with a person requires them to love you back.
this question came about ever so randomly, cause i'm not in love with anyone at the moment.
sometimes i just have my days... i call them days of weakness.
i'm a very strong person, backed by my hefty pride...
but i often relapse && start thinking about past relationships i get all sad inside && might possibly attempt to reach out to this said person.
today, i had one of those days && thought about a certain someone.
sigh* i swear i'm over everything but deep down... they'll always be on my mind && in my heart.
i care on the inside. lol. not so much as for everyone to know, to me thats a sign of weakness.
regardless of whatever happened, or how we ended, once i love you its like a done deal.
with you, it took me awhile to realize that i was the only person in love.
but were my feelings supposed to simutaneously stop??
trust me if there was a way, i'd pay 5 grand to know.
but after that what happens??
you have to settle for just loving the person.
&& thats where i'm stuck at.

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