Saturday, September 4, 2010

i miss being surrounded by the people that i love..

&& that actually love me too.
dont get me wrong, being over here is cool && real fun, but cant trust none of these hoes.
you'd think everyone you meet is genuine... could be real with you, no matter good or bad.
nahhhhh, i guess i'm the only person that does that now a days.
i feel like inadequate... just a spect socially.
the big dogs know me, i'm making a good name for myself actually.
but with my peers.. never had to really try to be cool with someone, or stay "connected" to a person i dont like.
its only cause they benefit me somehow.
man.. its rough tryna build new friendships.. i feel so alone.
i miss high school.. i was myself && people either loved me for it or hated me for it.
(most people loved me.)
in college, socially, its a whole different ball game.

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