Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i almost cried today...
i took a practice test for pre cal today && made a 56.
i was so sad, nobody wanted to help me. didnt know what to do...
but someone helped me && i took it again, got a 84.
not as high as i wanted but it was a vast improvement.
i'll have to hit up tutorials every single dayyyyyy!
i'll do it though, i have no choice.
but socially i'm good, just tryna remind myself that everyone isnt gonna be my friend && real with me.
but its life....
i guess these people arent over there high school stage yet.
been partying like a mugggggg!!!
i promise there's something to do every single day of the week.
put i make sure i do all my school work first.
trust me i wont be messing this up. lol.
everyone is worried about me partying too much but i promise i'm not!!
i'll try to blog more often.... bye!!!

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