Friday, September 24, 2010

Ciera's 23rd birthday at A-Loft.

i'm used to everyone in the west having birthday dinner's at Chili's or The Fountains.
it being, loud ghetto and full of drama.
you can never hear of a civilized birthday dinner. smh.
anyway Ciera invited us to her birthday gathering at A-Loft downtown.
its a real chic hotel with a nice outdoor lounge area. 
very upper class. lol.
the whole time we were trya get chose by these old white men. lol.  
it was a good time just chilling with the upperclassmen.
most of them were AKAs.
&& let me tell you, the AKAs at UofH are the nicest people in the world.
Especially Jasmine. (thats me && her in the last picture.)
i swear she's the nicest person in the world, && she doesnt owe us a damn thing.
when i grow up i wanna be like her, real talk.

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