Thursday, September 9, 2010


soooo. i kinda found a new church home.
kinda cause i only go there for thursday bible study.
&& guess who goes there as well my new boo. 
lol. he's my mini motivation to dress up, put on make up && do different things with my hair.
lol. mini motivitation. OMG. i swear i think i'm in love. <3.
ahahha. but ANYWAY....
yea... i didnt know how i would take church without being like forced to go.
not really forced, but it was expected of me.
i honestly thought i would never go back or just be a person who goes on Christmas && Easter.
my first weekend here i didnt have a church to go to... i loved it, slept in sunday && everything.
but after a few days i was FEINING. DYING to find a church to go.
i finally did the next weekend.
was soooo blessed by the praise dance, the choir, && the word.
even shed a few tears.
it made me realize how much i love church.
i seriously cant do without going to church && being surrounded by "Christians."
no slugs but Restoration Chapel, is stagnant.
going to another church made me realize that. smh.
the people their might disagree but its true. i've prayed for the youth of Restoration.
when your ready you'll open your eyes && it would be revealed to you.

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