Thursday, September 30, 2010

these Jeffrey Campbell's are badddddd!


lets face it, i have a gift, a purpose, a talent in business...
i think i get it from my dad, cause he's an accountant && i've been around his business all my life.
thats why i'm so money minded....
when you see thousands of dollars, every single day, money that is not yours, you begin to think, "how can i get this money?? how can this money be mine??"
&& me being the lazy person that i am, i dont wanna work too hard for it.
my ideal job would be doing the least amount of work && making the most money...
but thats implausible this early in the game, so i gotta work hard at it.
thats why i'm using all my business savvy towards WDYM. tryna blow up.
not just blow up... thats short term.
tryna make a name for ourselves && be a respectable, established fashion company.
i'm working on this end, networking && such.
much bigger audience, much more money. ; ))
anyway check out the website.... place your order today!!!

&& also check out the blog!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


i hate when people say like, "music is life.. i love music....i am music.... i cant live without music...."
man all that shit is cliche to me.
music is a big part of my life... but when everyone else claims to be in love with music.. its just turns me offfffffff.
but i am infact a HUGE fan of music... i feel like i dont express that at all.
just hate doing what everyone else is..

Monday, September 27, 2010

somehow, someway... i'm gonna do this business thing.

when i was younger, they called me a hustler... now  that i'm older, i wanna be known as a businesswoman.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


sooooo..... i went to a hookah bar last night.
was kinda nervous at first, cause it was my first time smoking anything.
but they had watermelon flavor so i couldnt resist. lol.
i coughed... alot.
i sucked it all the way to the back of my throat. ahahaha.
i got the hang off it, but still coughed some more.
it was fun. i'd probably do it again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. West.

you cant deny, they make a MIGHTY cute couple.

Michael && Diana.

i have a crapppp load of pics in my archive... i'm just gonna start posting some.

got the besttttt text from Tear today.

my you, we talked last friday. ; ))

me && my partner in crime.

yesterday, i went back home for homecoming && spent the night at Dami's house.
we got murdered by Hightower but i just wanted to see my little tiger cubs. lol.
i missed Travis.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kim K.

la la la loveeeeeee her!
but Khloe is still my favorite.

Ciera's 23rd birthday at A-Loft.

i'm used to everyone in the west having birthday dinner's at Chili's or The Fountains.
it being, loud ghetto and full of drama.
you can never hear of a civilized birthday dinner. smh.
anyway Ciera invited us to her birthday gathering at A-Loft downtown.
its a real chic hotel with a nice outdoor lounge area. 
very upper class. lol.
the whole time we were trya get chose by these old white men. lol.  
it was a good time just chilling with the upperclassmen.
most of them were AKAs.
&& let me tell you, the AKAs at UofH are the nicest people in the world.
Especially Jasmine. (thats me && her in the last picture.)
i swear she's the nicest person in the world, && she doesnt owe us a damn thing.
when i grow up i wanna be like her, real talk.

to no one in particular....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

truth is...

this boy wrote on my wall.. "Truth is. even though we barely talk, i kinda look up to you. lol kinda"
he was tryna play it off with the kinda, but i know what was up.
that shocked me...
you look up to lil ole' me??
for why?!!!!
lol. i think i'm a HORRIBLE example, definitely not a role model.
then someone broke it down to me.
I was on the phone with Alicia && she was like, "yea, i can see that.. your you. you come real all the time. you dont try to be someone your not, or pretend like everything is dandy. you say what you feel, && do things other people wish they could." 
wow.... i didnt think i was that big a deal, just a rude ass person, who constantly thinks about herself && puts other people on the back burner.
i dont choose to be bold... it just happens. *shoulder shrug*

some advice: just be yourself. someone, somewhere will appreciate you for it.

another survey.

Describe yourself.
i could do the cliche.. "no words describe me/many words describe me... yada yada yada, blah blah blah."
but instead i'll take the time out && list some words that describe me. lol.

fun, loud, crazy, $$ hungry, caring, blunt, outspoken, kind, honest, mischievious, amusing, sweet, jealous, passionate, loyal.

How do you feel about yourself?
you know... i'm just a person tryna leave my mark on the world, without the world leaving its mark on me.

How do you feel about life?
life is what you make it. you can either complain about how its treating you or you can change it.
either way its up to you.

Describe where you currently live?
Law Hall, Quadrangles, University of Houston.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
I'd go to some Asian country... so i can find my husband. lol.

Your favorite form of transportation?
-___- my legs. lol. they havent failed me since day 1.

Your best friend is..
i dont have any... let that dream die longgggg time ago.
i hate the term "best friend" there are people i trust && people i dont. period.

Your favorite color is..
indigo. a mix of blue && purple.

Favorite time of day?
anytime i'm sleeping. lol.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
Royalty is an Understandment. or Trixie's Fun House. lol.

What is the best advice you have to give?
Be exactly who you wanna be, say exactly what you wanna say, wear exactly what you wanna wear, live exactly how you wanna live.... just be yourself..

Thought for the Day?
I'm tired, i need to study... eventually everything will be ohkay.

My soul’s present condition:
my soul is in recovery. was in the ICU for a good minute. was on detox for awhile, then did a short stint in rehab...
but now, its in recovery.

sooooo... my birthday's coming up.

make it happen people.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halle && Nahla.

i honestly can't wait till i have kids.
a real girl isn't perfect && a perfect girl isn't REAL.

my cousin's in love && she dont even know it.

you know how people try to deny things and play things off like its nothing??
but you can see right through the person cause either you've been through it yourself or you've seen it too many times.
i chilled with Tonia thursday.
she's my cousin && goes to UofH. []
i wonder if i should speak on this... lol.
but anyway, she's in love.. whether she realizes it or not.
i think she realizes it, just doesnt want to acknowledge it from fear of getting hurt again.
lately she's been spending more time her ex, so she was telling me about it.
unconsciously cheesing the wholeeeeeee time, and denying the fact that she liked all the attention && affection.
lol. it was cute, but i peep game.
we met up with him later... oh lord.
smh, these two act like middle schoolers who were left alone for a day.
&& the funny thing is they both swear their single. -____-
despite his past actions towards her, i think he's a cool guy.
&& as long as he dont pull no shit like that again, he gets my stamp of approval.
lol. i call him Uncle Boudreaux.
she was happy, he was happy... everyone deserves to be happy.
they make me think though.. is it better to get into a relationship, being unsure && vulnerable or to be content && single??
i like to be sure of myself, && be in control of everything... but one thing i cant control is my heart.
you cant help who you love && tryna fight it only makes it worse.
at times, you just gotta take a chance, you only live once..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

its been a pleasure....

my blog is going back private now...
i have my reasons.
i'll continue to blog but it wont be visible to ya'll until i make it public again.
it'll be soon dont fret, cause the point of this is for ya'll to read it.
i just like being in control of things.
ciao! *blows kisses*

i'm not a fan of Dr. Martens, but i seriously DIEEE for these.

i'm the type of person that gets things, just to say they have them. lol.
sad but true.
docs are straight but i dont think their "me."
but this pair is fantabulous!!!
i'm seriously in love.

Monday, September 13, 2010

one day, i'll post a video of me singing. one day...

her glasses are spectacular.

i really wanna do this photography thing, but i dont know where to begin. :/

your Michael picture for the week.

"is it possible to be in love with someone who doesnt love you back??"

i asked that today on twitter...
i'm too lazy to write my thoughts... i'll just copy && paste a convo then elaborate from there.

tanna_bby: I think it is but why would u want to?
me: its not that you want to, you just can't help it..
tanna_bby: yea but i think the person ur suppose to be in love w/ will love u jus as much as u love them, otherwise its just not meant to be
me:Whether or not the feeling is mutual, wont affect your feelings. It should, but when your in love everything is meant to be...
tanna_bby: im not saying u dont love this person or still have some feelings but IN LOVE is something totally different

she made a very valid point that made me realize loving someone && being in love with someone are two different things.
being in love with a person requires them to love you back.
this question came about ever so randomly, cause i'm not in love with anyone at the moment.
sometimes i just have my days... i call them days of weakness.
i'm a very strong person, backed by my hefty pride...
but i often relapse && start thinking about past relationships i get all sad inside && might possibly attempt to reach out to this said person.
today, i had one of those days && thought about a certain someone.
sigh* i swear i'm over everything but deep down... they'll always be on my mind && in my heart.
i care on the inside. lol. not so much as for everyone to know, to me thats a sign of weakness.
regardless of whatever happened, or how we ended, once i love you its like a done deal.
with you, it took me awhile to realize that i was the only person in love.
but were my feelings supposed to simutaneously stop??
trust me if there was a way, i'd pay 5 grand to know.
but after that what happens??
you have to settle for just loving the person.
&& thats where i'm stuck at.

i've veryyyy indecisive about things, but this has to be one of my favorite songs.

This is the hardest moment of my life
I never thought we would be saying goodbye
It ain't your fault girl it ain't mine
Unfortunately we're just victims of time

Girl you should go left and I will go right
We wasted enough time
But I think we should kiss
So we can take it with us to play in our minds
And if you feel a tear falling on your lips
Then girl that would be mine
Cause I'm a man that ain't afraid to cry
See a man that ain't afraid to cry is a man that ain't afraid to die

We can stay together play make-believe
Or hurt like hell for a while but one day be happy
There's somebody for you who do what I don't
And hopefully I'll meet the girl that makes me wanna love again

Girl you should go left and I will go right
We wasted too much time
But I think we should kiss
So we can take it with us to play in our minds
And if you feel a tear falling on your lips
Then girl that would be mine
Cause I'm a man that ain't afraid to cry
See a man that ain't afraid to cry is a man that ain't afraid to die

And I'm crying baby
I don't care who's watching baby
I'm crying like lalala
Girl I can't change the past...

Girl you should go left and I will go right
We wasted too much time
But I think we should kiss
So we can take it with us to play in our minds
And if you feel a tear falling on your lips
Then girl that would be mine
Cause I'm a man that ain't afraid to cry
See a man that ain't afraid to cry is a man that ain't afraid to die.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i blog to express, not to impress.

my roll dog since i've been here.

fans, meet Shelli.

Kim Kardashian in Marchesa.

i would seriously die for this dress.
i loveeeee Marchesa.
one of my favorite designers.
i love their asthetic.
just classic gowns.. i swear i will get married in Marchesa.
my prom dress was inspired by this Marchesa gown.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

since i have the time...

i'll tell ya'll about one of my wild experiences at college.
it was at a frat party.
(by the way i LOVEEEEE going frat parties.)
all the frat houses are like next door to each other in this one apartment copmplex.
&& like 6 of them were having a party that night so me && my girls were house hopping.
it was an epic night.
all of the frats were white...that night i noticed the difference between white people rollups && black people rollups.
lol. its pretty much an art form now.
the white girls were all over the place, not really getting the job done but i guess the guys were satisfied.
lol. i dont know...
me && my friends were dancing with each other then this white guy comes up behind me.
he whispered in my ear, "come on lets find the beat girl."
lol. i was a little offended but i danced on him anyway.
this boy was rocking and swaying && i was like damn daddy slow downnnn!
lol. i'm used to black boys just standing there && letting the girls do all the work white boys be tryna groove with you && shit.
but he was throwing me off! like WTF! he was so fast && the song was slower. smh.
after awhile i just got off. lol.
what can i say... it was an experience.

best movie of all time.

Poetic Justice for those who dont know.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


soooo. i kinda found a new church home.
kinda cause i only go there for thursday bible study.
&& guess who goes there as well my new boo. 
lol. he's my mini motivation to dress up, put on make up && do different things with my hair.
lol. mini motivitation. OMG. i swear i think i'm in love. <3.
ahahha. but ANYWAY....
yea... i didnt know how i would take church without being like forced to go.
not really forced, but it was expected of me.
i honestly thought i would never go back or just be a person who goes on Christmas && Easter.
my first weekend here i didnt have a church to go to... i loved it, slept in sunday && everything.
but after a few days i was FEINING. DYING to find a church to go.
i finally did the next weekend.
was soooo blessed by the praise dance, the choir, && the word.
even shed a few tears.
it made me realize how much i love church.
i seriously cant do without going to church && being surrounded by "Christians."
no slugs but Restoration Chapel, is stagnant.
going to another church made me realize that. smh.
the people their might disagree but its true. i've prayed for the youth of Restoration.
when your ready you'll open your eyes && it would be revealed to you.

this picture is the summation of the "The Man in the Mirror."


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Conquering Lion - Lauryn Hill.

the words speak to my soul.
Ms. Hill is seriously a God's gift to real music lovers.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i bought you these 3 foot posters.
The more about nothing seinfeild && Wale cover && Lupe Fiasco one.
i was shopping for myself, saw those && HADDDDDD to buy them.
for you.
but my head is not correct... you dont even talk to me anymore.
ahahha. thats how i am though.
thats one of my bad habits, i ALWAYS buy things stuff for other people...

its only so many times a person could try.. after awhile you just gotta accept facts.

"Don't let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present"'

Saturday, September 4, 2010

i miss being surrounded by the people that i love..

&& that actually love me too.
dont get me wrong, being over here is cool && real fun, but cant trust none of these hoes.
you'd think everyone you meet is genuine... could be real with you, no matter good or bad.
nahhhhh, i guess i'm the only person that does that now a days.
i feel like inadequate... just a spect socially.
the big dogs know me, i'm making a good name for myself actually.
but with my peers.. never had to really try to be cool with someone, or stay "connected" to a person i dont like.
its only cause they benefit me somehow.
man.. its rough tryna build new friendships.. i feel so alone.
i miss high school.. i was myself && people either loved me for it or hated me for it.
(most people loved me.)
in college, socially, its a whole different ball game.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i almost cried today...
i took a practice test for pre cal today && made a 56.
i was so sad, nobody wanted to help me. didnt know what to do...
but someone helped me && i took it again, got a 84.
not as high as i wanted but it was a vast improvement.
i'll have to hit up tutorials every single dayyyyyy!
i'll do it though, i have no choice.
but socially i'm good, just tryna remind myself that everyone isnt gonna be my friend && real with me.
but its life....
i guess these people arent over there high school stage yet.
been partying like a mugggggg!!!
i promise there's something to do every single day of the week.
put i make sure i do all my school work first.
trust me i wont be messing this up. lol.
everyone is worried about me partying too much but i promise i'm not!!
i'll try to blog more often.... bye!!!