Thursday, August 12, 2010

the number won.

i'm very conscious of myself.
i know exactly what i'm doing && why i'm doing them.
i am my own therapist. i'm very bad at it but i still "therapize" myself.
lmao. "therapize."
but anyway, i know how to analyze my thoughts, problems, actions to get the real meaning behind everything.
thats why i'm so "real."
i dont lie to myself... why lie?? especially to yourself.
wow... this post was not supposed to be about this.. just headed in a complete different direction.
hold on, give me a minute tto gather my thoughts..

alrighttttt! now i remember.
its about being number one.
i guess its the selfish side of me. i always want to come first in peoples' lives.
i hate coming second, i hate not being peoples' priority.
&& i know i wont be everything to everyone, && i dont expect to be. i honestly dont.
i dont know how to describe it.. especially with people that i really care about..
that stuff pisses me off. especially when someone is preferred over me.
ughhhhh, i guess i'm just a little needy.

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