Thursday, August 12, 2010

is it possilbe to stop caring??

i want to ask a few people.. is it possible to stop caring about me??
i cant stop caring about anyone, its just my nature.
but when people snub me, it really makes me wonder if they stop caring about me.
its me though. i'd like to think i'm a hard person to forget.
man, i dont know....
i'm ready for this summer to end.
i've began to believe that my life is not stable unless their is someone for me to care about, to essentially love.
i need to be focused on someone, something.
thats where my stability lies..
i hope this makes sense..
anyway, i called a certain someone last night && that certain person was "in the middle of something" && promised to call me back..
but didnt. 
i should take the hint, but i dont want to give up.
trust me, i have numerous times... but what can i say??
i still care about you.

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