Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I know realize how much time i had on my hands in HS.

damn, i been soo busy. just living. 
i used to have a lot of time on my hands back in the day, but now their is always so much to do. smh.
college is where it is.
i'm loving life. its a lot of fun && a lot of work.
finding balance is key.
i'm not even gonna lie i've been to a party single everyday since i got here except one day.
there's always something to do. 

wednesday-  my first day
thursday- pajama party.
friday- i bar. (that night is a blog post in itself.)
saturday- white frat party.
sunday- sigma pool party.
monday- nothing.
tuesday- birthday get together.

lol. that is ridiculous but ya'll know i never go anywhere, so i was catching up for lost time.
but i'm gonna stop. dont want to be known by everyone here.
thats how everyone in the west fucked up.
you cant be at EVERY single party or event.
discretion is key... thats why people like me.
i dont be everywhere like all you thirsty hoes, tryna be down.
wow.... this turned into a rant. lol.
but basically i'm gonna make more time to blog.
i owe it to ya'll.
all i ask is that ya'll pray for me. every single day, for the rest of your lives........

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