Friday, August 13, 2010

"..even if the sun goes down we gone make this bitch light up.."

AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM is doing a show at the reliant stadium October 29th.
&& guess who is going..
ahahaha. i'm sorry thats out of character but i'm sooooo excited to see my future husband.
ahhhhhhh, i'm ELATED right now cause i love me some Drake.
omg, i think i'm gonna cry.
lol. i confessed to Kenny that i have been practicing what i will say to him when i meet him.
i dont want to act like a crazed fan, but i want to do something that he'll remember me by.
i've come to the conclusion that i will flash him.
ahaahha. that was a joke.
but idk... i'm not gonna do TOO much.
ahhhhhhhh. i'm sooooo happy, this seriously will be the highlight of my life. ; ))

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