Thursday, August 12, 2010

DJ Alo.

ahahha. been dyinggg to write about him.
sooo... how did this new found crush come along??
i dont even remember.
i'm a sicko. i think he's cute && all but some of my friends are doing the most.
like damn, its not that crucial.
i die over everyone!!!
like seriously if i dont die over you that means your not important, lol.
but through it all i got what i wanted, he knows who i am, he follows me on twitter && he shouts me out religiously on Ustream.
my life is now accomplished, i could die in peace now. ; ))
special thanks to Dami that told him about me, AJ who tried to expose me && Simi who introduced him to me.

ps. when i describe anyone i like i always say they are gonna be husband lol.
i seriously have 7 soon to be husbands, so when i marry one of them i could say that i knew they'd be my husband from the get go. && yes, i will marry DJ Alo && will have Asian, African, && Trinidadian babies.

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