Saturday, August 28, 2010

College Life.

my first week of college has been a breath of fresh air && a wake up call all in one.
i finally got the freedom i've been longing for...
on the other hand school is no joke!
the workload is amazingggggg.
but i got to do it.. i will do it.
anyway i have a crush.
sidenote: i always crush on the wrong people.
but anyway, i have a crush.
he's a bit older.... naw i'm lying. much older.
he's really smart
he's easy on the eyes.
he's buff.
he goes to church. he actually invited me to church.
he's in a fraternity. i refuse to say which one though!!!
i dont know man... ya'll know how i get with crushes!!
ughhhhhhh, damn. this is difficult.
i keep tryna figure out my next move, but i dont know how to approach a real man.
i wonder if i'll see him tomorrow....
i should give him a nickname cause ya'll will be hearing more about him... SOZO should work.
i hope that didnt give him away. lol.

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