Monday, August 30, 2010

i know its belated but i wasnt able to get on yesterday.

so i'd like to wish the most talented person to ever walk the earth a very special happy birthday!!!!
i loveeeeeeeee you Michael. ; ))

Saturday, August 28, 2010

College Life.

my first week of college has been a breath of fresh air && a wake up call all in one.
i finally got the freedom i've been longing for...
on the other hand school is no joke!
the workload is amazingggggg.
but i got to do it.. i will do it.
anyway i have a crush.
sidenote: i always crush on the wrong people.
but anyway, i have a crush.
he's a bit older.... naw i'm lying. much older.
he's really smart
he's easy on the eyes.
he's buff.
he goes to church. he actually invited me to church.
he's in a fraternity. i refuse to say which one though!!!
i dont know man... ya'll know how i get with crushes!!
ughhhhhhh, damn. this is difficult.
i keep tryna figure out my next move, but i dont know how to approach a real man.
i wonder if i'll see him tomorrow....
i should give him a nickname cause ya'll will be hearing more about him... SOZO should work.
i hope that didnt give him away. lol.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


did i mention i bought my Drake tickets??
floor seats??
ohhhhhhh.... ; ))

I know realize how much time i had on my hands in HS.

damn, i been soo busy. just living. 
i used to have a lot of time on my hands back in the day, but now their is always so much to do. smh.
college is where it is.
i'm loving life. its a lot of fun && a lot of work.
finding balance is key.
i'm not even gonna lie i've been to a party single everyday since i got here except one day.
there's always something to do. 

wednesday-  my first day
thursday- pajama party.
friday- i bar. (that night is a blog post in itself.)
saturday- white frat party.
sunday- sigma pool party.
monday- nothing.
tuesday- birthday get together.

lol. that is ridiculous but ya'll know i never go anywhere, so i was catching up for lost time.
but i'm gonna stop. dont want to be known by everyone here.
thats how everyone in the west fucked up.
you cant be at EVERY single party or event.
discretion is key... thats why people like me.
i dont be everywhere like all you thirsty hoes, tryna be down.
wow.... this turned into a rant. lol.
but basically i'm gonna make more time to blog.
i owe it to ya'll.
all i ask is that ya'll pray for me. every single day, for the rest of your lives........

Monday, August 23, 2010

whoaaaaaa, whoaaaaa, whoaaaaaa!!!!

the stories i have for you peopleeeeeeeee!!!
ahahha. i swear ya'll are not even gonna believe them.
i will write soon.. soon enough.
i've experienced more things my first weekend of college than i have my WHOLE entire life!!!
i'll find time to blog about it.
i just want all of ya'll to pray for me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the reason i blog.

"i'm not scared to show y'all the good and the bad.the pretty and the ugly.
the happy && the sad.
this is a blog about me... what i like how i feel how i look.
even when it's not pretty."

-Bobby D.

Monday, August 16, 2010

yeaaaaa, you might wanna take my picture down..

you get no words sweets.
its ohkay, i'll be the bigger person.
have a  good life, may God bless you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the say this is the happiest place on earth...

someone please buy me a ticket.

"..bow in the presence of greatness.."

i find it funny how someone could say, "i non fucks with you."
but i could've swore i stopped fucking with you wayyyyy before you even realized.
lol. but whatever floats or boat && helps you sleep at night.
you can fool the public but we both know the deal.

Friday, August 13, 2010

"..even if the sun goes down we gone make this bitch light up.."

AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM is doing a show at the reliant stadium October 29th.
&& guess who is going..
ahahaha. i'm sorry thats out of character but i'm sooooo excited to see my future husband.
ahhhhhhh, i'm ELATED right now cause i love me some Drake.
omg, i think i'm gonna cry.
lol. i confessed to Kenny that i have been practicing what i will say to him when i meet him.
i dont want to act like a crazed fan, but i want to do something that he'll remember me by.
i've come to the conclusion that i will flash him.
ahaahha. that was a joke.
but idk... i'm not gonna do TOO much.
ahhhhhhhh. i'm sooooo happy, this seriously will be the highlight of my life. ; ))

Thursday, August 12, 2010

is it possilbe to stop caring??

i want to ask a few people.. is it possible to stop caring about me??
i cant stop caring about anyone, its just my nature.
but when people snub me, it really makes me wonder if they stop caring about me.
its me though. i'd like to think i'm a hard person to forget.
man, i dont know....
i'm ready for this summer to end.
i've began to believe that my life is not stable unless their is someone for me to care about, to essentially love.
i need to be focused on someone, something.
thats where my stability lies..
i hope this makes sense..
anyway, i called a certain someone last night && that certain person was "in the middle of something" && promised to call me back..
but didnt. 
i should take the hint, but i dont want to give up.
trust me, i have numerous times... but what can i say??
i still care about you.

my future wifey.

i would seriously go gay for her.

lol. that is all.


i'm gonna have to step my heel game up.

the number won.

i'm very conscious of myself.
i know exactly what i'm doing && why i'm doing them.
i am my own therapist. i'm very bad at it but i still "therapize" myself.
lmao. "therapize."
but anyway, i know how to analyze my thoughts, problems, actions to get the real meaning behind everything.
thats why i'm so "real."
i dont lie to myself... why lie?? especially to yourself.
wow... this post was not supposed to be about this.. just headed in a complete different direction.
hold on, give me a minute tto gather my thoughts..

alrighttttt! now i remember.
its about being number one.
i guess its the selfish side of me. i always want to come first in peoples' lives.
i hate coming second, i hate not being peoples' priority.
&& i know i wont be everything to everyone, && i dont expect to be. i honestly dont.
i dont know how to describe it.. especially with people that i really care about..
that stuff pisses me off. especially when someone is preferred over me.
ughhhhh, i guess i'm just a little needy.

DJ Alo.

ahahha. been dyinggg to write about him.
sooo... how did this new found crush come along??
i dont even remember.
i'm a sicko. i think he's cute && all but some of my friends are doing the most.
like damn, its not that crucial.
i die over everyone!!!
like seriously if i dont die over you that means your not important, lol.
but through it all i got what i wanted, he knows who i am, he follows me on twitter && he shouts me out religiously on Ustream.
my life is now accomplished, i could die in peace now. ; ))
special thanks to Dami that told him about me, AJ who tried to expose me && Simi who introduced him to me.

ps. when i describe anyone i like i always say they are gonna be husband lol.
i seriously have 7 soon to be husbands, so when i marry one of them i could say that i knew they'd be my husband from the get go. && yes, i will marry DJ Alo && will have Asian, African, && Trinidadian babies.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i apologize.. i've been mad disrespectful.

i know ya'll dieeeeeee to read about my daily life && i havent blogged in a minute.
pele sorry.
forgive me... my laptop charger broke && my parents refuse to get me another one.
&& i'm too lazy to use the downstairs computer. 
but i'll pick it up i promiseeeeeeeee!
what would ya'll do without knowing my every thought?!
ahahha. i'm joking.
i appreciate all my fans, haters, "friends", enemies..
i sincerely do. 
today is "feel myself" day. if you couldnt tell. ; ))
nothing wrong in that though, Everyone should feel themselves more often.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

your MJ pic for the week.

i havent neglected my blog

i'll never neglect my blog.
i find it very hard to believe that people think i'm stuck up/conceited.
like seriously me??
lay off the ganga, i begg.
maybe i exude such confidence that makes you feel inferior.
but thats more like a personal problem you should figure out on your own.
i'm not tryna be rude or anything... but seriously though.
but what makes you think i shouldnt think highly of myself??
i'm just like ya'll, dont be fooled by my material posseseions.
anyway i'm starting college in 8 days...
i'm gonna keep to myself.
maybe then you'll have a reason to call me stuck up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the life i live..

is not the life i aspire to have..
the choices i've made, are the choices that will determine my future.
my loyalty in life is to no one but myself.
No one is a necessity, only space/time fillers.
"making it" in the world is not my priority,
.. finding my happiness is.

in the wee hours of the morning, i was up && bored.
i pulled out my secret stash of vodka && started writing...
that is a little snipet of a poem i wrote.
its called "the things that surface when i'm drunk."

Monday, August 2, 2010

sooo.. i've been talking to my roommate.

she's a mexican... && for the most part seems pretty cool.
&& she's 19.. not old enough to buy liquor but... she's closer than me. lol.
we're STOOPID excited!!
lol. i just cant wait.. she says "we cant fuck up.. we cant be crazy && lazy."
i was like, "sorry sweetie, but you just described me."
smh.. but she says she'll keep me in check cause i know i'm gonna get outta hand...
there are exactly 16 days until i move into my dorm...
God is good. ; D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

me && noella singing!! ; ))

i meant to blog, i really did.

i straightened my hair!!
but the laptop is acting retarded now.
cant wait till i get my own!!! hopefully in the next 3 weeks.
fashion is coming up!! can you say excitement?!!!
i'm really excited.. && honestly i wanna get it over it.
too much anticipation. lol.
yea.. so uhmmm... right.