Sunday, July 4, 2010

WDYM x PPC fashion show.

hmmmm, where do i begin??
lets start with the most important. the clothes.
the clothes were on point!!
the styling made each outfit. there is absolutely nothing i can say bad about them on both the PPC end && the WDYM end.
i was pleasantly surprised.

i wasnt even supposed to go.
but Honey called me && was like AJ needed me there... i cooked up a quick little lie to get outta the house && went.
AJ knows my situation, he knows how my parents are, && how difficult it is for me to get out the house
so when i got there, i begged for forgiveness, even got on my knees and everything. did everything i could to help.
&& then i got bigtimed. smh. its HE not WE.
i'm highly upset at that.
but what can i do..
i've never been to fashion show before, but this one started a bit TOO late for my liking.
african time too the maxxxxxx! smh.
i had a goodtime, enjoyed myself... && then 2 had to fuck it all up.
damnnnn, that kid ruined my wholeeeeee night.
i was ready to bounce as soon as the models were done walking.
but i rode with Noella && she's neverrrr ready to leave. lol.
all i have to say is Jeremaine Olarewaju Johnson better not EVER EVER EVER EVER try to call me or get into contact with me EVER again.
well.. let me not even talk down cause i plan to sqaush this pointless "beef" tomorrow.
&& if all doesnt go well, then i'll blog about it.
ahahahha. its LS to the maxxxx! ; ))

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