Thursday, July 29, 2010

there is a such thing as love.

people are mistaken.
love is real.
i LOVE Terrance O'Brien Burgess aka Tear.
he's my #1 fan, my superman && my guardian angel all rolled up into one.
something like a bestfriend.. if i had any.
been through alot with this kid but i honestly love him.
i dont think there's a better person in the world, that i could deal with && that knows me so well.
he doesnt take any of my shit. lol.
&& he listens.
i'd love for a guy to just listen to me.. not to just hear me, but to listen.
he takes in what i say, && remembers everything i tell him.
&& he always tends to text me at the right times.
ahhh, i swear i love that guy. ; ))
i'd give my life for him && i could honestly say he'd do the same for me.
no offense to anyone, but he's the o n l y dude that matters to me.

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