Sunday, July 4, 2010

soooo.. today was dot dot dot.

so me && noella planned on going to Dominion, a church, today but aunty alex would not even let us leave!
we snuck out anyway. they were having a car wash for pete's sake.
i cant stand my church anyway, so i was looking for a way to get out..
so noella driving && her car starts choking, she turn it off && it would not even turn on again.
like we were literally at the light on murphy road stuck!
thankfully i saw a police officer && he came && pushed us into a lot.
that was like the horriblest experience ever!!! smh.
lol. times like that i'm thankful i dont have a car.
but Simi came && got us.
thank God for Simi!!!
brooooo, we would have been like stranded.
we think it was God punishing us for leaving our church.
so we chilled at Simi's house for like an hour cause their church started later today because they were having a July 4th celebration..
had a good service, everything was real lively.
i like that church.
no one stared too hard, everyone seemed to be focused on the preaching && over all it wasnt filled with LS.
how a hurch should be you know??
then it was time for like the field day.. which was pretty straight.
they were wayyyy more organized than my church ever is.
but they werent serving food yet so we decided to go get drinks at Mcdonalds.
soooo, me, Simi, Noella, && Adun walked in..
there was multiple trannies that worked there..
me && simi were laughing on the slick but this one tranny walked passed Noella && mugged the hell outta her.
like you wouldnt even believe nerve of that thing && the funny thing was Noella wasnt even paying attention.
cause she would have went off!!
but me && simi saw her. but i was just too in shock laughing that i didnt even do anything.
then the tranny went to the back && told the other tranny something.
&& the other tranny was like, ohhh, what they wanna order??
then i was like HELLLLL nawwwww, we need to bounce!
cause them hoes were tryna kill us!
i knew they were about to spit in the food or something!
the others didnt believe me but them thangs were gonna poison us!!!
i could tell. smh.
so we all left && headed back to the church.
i tried to talk to 2.
i tried... he's just difficult.
he doesnt know when to be serious && when to play.
smh. i'm gonna give him one more chance.. cause he did try to reach out to me numerous times, i always blew him off.
i hate talking to people when i'm upset. it never turns out good.
i'm calm now so i'll at least try again.

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