Sunday, July 25, 2010


sometimes i just dig myself into a bigger hole than necessary..
no regrets for anything, but at times i just sit back && look at my actions && just shake my head.
i'm the type of person that acts then thinks about things later.
the fact that i even realize this is just annoying, but it doesnt help me to think first.
idk... i'm act on impulse.. i lack self control. && my emotions get the best of me.
*shoulder shrug*
i realize all this but dont know how to change it.
after i publicly humiliated Jermaine on twitter last week (ahahaha!) i decided to try to talk to him on facebook cuz he lost his phone..
i go to his page... && this nigga deleted me!
: O i was in utter shockkkk!
like WTF?!
me && prince go back && forth embarrassing the hell out of each other && we still facebook friends...
like is it that serious Olanrewaju??
to delete me off your facebook && i know he only did it to make me mad.
well i hope you feel accomplished.

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