Thursday, July 29, 2010

random thoughts.

i'm gonna limit myself to 10.
  • its hot in this room.
  • i ate some watermelon today.. i will eat some more later. I LOVE WATERMELON!
  • Kenny made a video blog before i did. grrr.
  • i realize why i love Tear so much.. he gives me unconditional attention && affection.
  • sometimes i relapse, && go back to feeling the way i did for Andrew. (like yesterday)
  • Law && Order is like the crunkest show everrrrrrr!
  • a new season of Project Runway is coming on today!! && jersey shore!!!
  • i'm gonna go to the Drake Concert October 29. ; )))
  • I got the bestttttt giftt for Tear's birthday! ; ))  i'm pretty sure EVERYONE will be jealous.
  • i have a feeling i'm gonna be a well known hustler at UofH. sooo much more people, sooo much more $$$. ; ))

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