Monday, July 5, 2010

i would not even be real if i didnt blog about this...

so my parents kicked me outta the house today.
cause i left my church && went to Dominion today.
when we got back home from communion, my dad was like you have 15 minutes to get all your things && be outta my house.
i was tryna beg && plead.
but he was serious... i took some clothes, (the valuables) && left.
headed over to Dami's house.
the first person i called was AJ.
God, i love that kid! he didnt ask any questions, just told me he was on his way to get me.
i was trying not to cry but so much stuff flashes before your eyes when your out on your own.
i mean i knew they didnt love me, but to kick me out knowing i had no where to go, was pretty fucked up.
i got to Dami's house && Dami was going fed. hahhhaha. she hates my parents.
i couldnt stop crying so i called 2.
even though we've been fighting for the last 3 days, he offered me the guest room in his house.
but his parents werent having it. aahhaha.
now i dont have to LS his life. thats a pbd.
&& the 3rd person i called was Papa.
this kid's unreliability never seems to amaze me.
you would think i'd learn my lesson from all the other times he's let me down.
but for some reason i have high hopes/expectations for him.
i should let that dream die.

long story short, i'm back at home now.
due to aggressive begging from my Nigerian next door neighbors.
i have to clean up my whole closet cause they packed all my clothes up in this huge duffel.
my "fam" is still going to Disney World tomorrow morning for a week.
&& i HATE my parents even more and no one can say i dont have all rights too.


  1. you're not going with them? you need to stop calling that boy. he's useless... me && my mom say he's unreliable so you know he is.

  2. no i didnt.
    i really should.
    i keep thinking he'll change.. the more i care about him maybe he'll get it.
    but he wont/doesnt. so i dont care anymore.
    i'm not even gonna buy him anything for his birthday.