Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i forgot to blog about this earlier..

so i was bored in class today..
&& when i'm bored i always text random people in my phone.
it just takes up time.. i just do it. dont think about the reprecautions.
so i mass texted 15 people. lol.
my battery died in an hour later.
but one of the people i texted was j. camel.
let me remind you.. our last convo went like this:
*phone rings*
me: hey..
j. camel: bitch. *hangs up the phone*
i didnt deserve it... but i understood where it was coming from.
after awhile i was a horrible girlfriend.
i treated him bad, cause he let me.
i stepped out on him numerous times.. lol. 
i swear i cant even help myself!
but this time he was calm.. we talked, caught up.. made amends.
well i did. && now all is right with the world!
reminds me why i ever liked him in the first place.
but i lovee the feeling of relief.
i'm relieved that jordan is talking to me again && doesnt hate me anymore.
i forgot how good it felt to kill animosity && beef.
now i can go to sleep peacefully cause all is right with the world.

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