Monday, July 12, 2010

he needs to get over it..

sooooo longggg time ago my ex- lover Jordan Camel deleted me from his facebook when we broke up.
ahahaha. its been like months... this nigga needs to get over it.
i requested him like last month. && he still hasnt added me.
&& what pisses me off is i can see all his statuses && when he adds other people.
like just deny me then! Gosh. lol.
one time i called him && he was like "bitch." && then hung up on me.
i only let him slide cause i was horrible to him.
but honestly i wasnt that bad.
he just didnt know how to handle me && let me walk all over him.
lol. remember this people.. if you let me take advantage of you i will!
anyway i find it soooo annoying that i keep getting his updates && he wont re add me.

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