Friday, July 2, 2010

"fan of the week."

sooooooo, it seems like EVERYONE wants to be on my blog.
i'm not saying that in conceit, its really true.
i guess everyone was impressed with my "nice/likes" && wants one too.
there's even a waiting list!! smh.
i'm too lazy for all that. so i'm starting back up fan of the week.
all you have to do is make a nice sign, && take a pic with it.
like this^^
and i'll put you on my blog.
its a win win. ; ))
p.s. i dont like when people tell me to write about them.
cause its MY blog.
if i do what ya'll say it'll be YOUR blog.
some of you people just cant take a hint! lol.
just send me a pic, && i'll know what to do.

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