Saturday, July 10, 2010

billy doesnt like me expressing my feelings on twitter.

he told me to blog about it...
i'm just so indifferent.
i mean, i care.. but then again i dont.
its frustrating being your "bestie."
damn. i just dont get it. we argue every single day.
about NOTHING! we but heads wayyy too much.
i'm sick && tired of tryna make this work.
for what??
smh.. you know i'm dealing with a lot of things && you just make my life even more stressful.
you dont act like a best friend at all.
lol. my mind is telling something just aint right!
i try to ignore everyone's opinion of you.. but you havent proved them wrong.
smh. i had faith in you... just like everyone i know, you've let me down.
i love you though... unlike you that "has love for me" i sincerely love you.
&& i'm not just throwing it around.
you offered me your home && for that i'll always love you.
you'd do more for me than my own family.
you have some good qualities about you, your not a bad guy.
we just shouldnt force this friendship.

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