Tuesday, June 1, 2010

vanessa idunoba

aka latoya gracia...
hmmm. this girl wow....
we've come along way.
i forgot we didnt used to like each other!!!!!
we almost fought in church that one time.
smh, but we're good now.
i'll actually admit it, you can sing better than me!
first && last time so dont get used to it.
people always tryna chop && talk down on you but you really a nice, pretty person.
as long as you stop using like 20 packs of weave on one style. lol.
embrace your height!
your tall, taller than most, dont feel uncomfortable about that.
it makes me mad when people make full of you for stuff like that.
i'm pretty sure if you could pick your height you would have chose something different...
wow. i just went off topic. lol.
you badddddddd, && dont let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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