Tuesday, June 1, 2010

towobola jokodola

now say that 3 times fast!
this girl is soooo cute.
i remember the first day i saw her... like her freshmen year.
she was so short && small, her belly stuck out!
it was the cutest little thing, cause she was such a lady.
now she's ghetto.
she got PURPLE highlights in her weave!
look what high school has done to the innocent.
lol. && we had so much fun in summer school last year!!!
what's in my pocket??? <-- insider.
she's a beast in monopoly.
thats my favorite game, but somehow someway bola would always end up with all my money && properties.
lol. i'm not gonna forget you. you better stay in touch.
&& thanks for not having any good pictures!

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