Sunday, June 13, 2010

soooo... my name is Elizabeth.

&& i'm pretty weird.
not as weird as you think though.
i'm just a very complex person.
i wish people could understand me && my actions but unfortunately everyone's not like me.
actually i think thats fortunate.
i found out what my Nigerian name means today!!!
i'm kind of happy cause i never knew. lol.
AdeRonke: God has given me something to cherish.
isnt that cuteeee?!
sooooo... i've been working on my summer boo's.
Koko. he will be by boo by force!
ahahahha. its so funny cause he wont even give me the time of day.
he thinks i'm joking but i really do have a crush on him.
&& then Victor <3. the dominican.
he's a lifeguard, so i drove past the pool, ever so casually, && "bumped" into him.
lol. he's so cuteeee. damnnnn, that boy fine.
wowww.... hold on i'm picturing him in my head...
my goal is to have 5 summer flings on rotation.
dont underestimate me... trust me, i got this.

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