Wednesday, June 9, 2010

saraphin dhanani

your like my only indian friend.
you should be honored.
i know your gonna get mad but i haveeee to tell this story. lol.
ohkay, so dhanani was our roommate for our deca competitions.
3 black seniors && a indian junior. lol.
so one night we stayed up && just talked && somehow we got on sex, of course.
&& she was like.. "so when people say eat out, i dont get it...."
us- "its flesh, just skin."
"so you like rip the skin out && eat it?!!!"
it was the cutest thing ever cause she was so serious.
i remember back in the day when i used to be so innocent... then i went to hodges bend.
smh. never been the same since.
anyway she's a nice little girl && her brother is fineeee!
call me anytime saraphinnnnnn! ; )))

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