Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ore Mary Amosu

hmmmm, what can i say about this nonsense girl...
lol. jk.
so you came to my church...
my first impression of you was like...
dont be offended!
..when did her plane arrive??
but that was me always judging a book.
i got to know you a bit through the twins && wale.
&& your a cool person.
dont worry, if it wasnt true i wouldnt say it!
&& your style is unique.
i like people that arent afraid to wear different stuff && you wear stuff with confidence too.
like that paperbag waist pants... i thinks thats what their called.
i always said no other person could pull that off.
keep being you, && like seriously dont change for anyone.
forgive me for the pic. lol. thats the only one i took of you.

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