Wednesday, June 23, 2010

now accepting applications. .

i need a new guy bestfriend.
Drew was "everyything" to me.. but just like every single body in my damn life he let me down.
&& just like everybody in my damn life, he will be replaced.
just so much going on, && its bottled up inside.
which is seriously not a good thing for me.
i tend to explode, everywhere, all over everyone.
lol. that sentence is.. hahaha.
wow. i get distracted easily.
but back to this.
right! hahaha, wow. i think i'm really disturbed.
but i need someone to talk to, && keep me sane.
i trust NO ONE.
but i tend to be more open with males than females.
i seriously feel like my head is gonna explode.
damnnnnn, i'm seriously contemplating calling that boy up.
he understands me, no need to explain anything with him...
damnnnnnnn. wow.
i just realized that as i wrote it...
he understands me. all too well.
i'm soooo confused now.
...i'll hold off calling him for now, i just cant. smh.
hopefully i'll find someone to replace him.

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