Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Justina Ashley McIntosh.

wow. girl i love you. like real love.
even thought we almost fought in 6th grade lol.
(had to bring that up)
we got over that quick && became real good friends.
like seriously i dont know what i'd do with out you...
high school would have been super lame.
you always keep me sane, try && preach to me && always give me advice.
that i dont take lol.
your such a blessed beautiful young lady && a good friend at that.
dont change for anyone sunshine.
v-squad for lifeeeee! lol.
the last of a dying breed.
we've had so many sayings && inside jokes that i probably could write a book about.
there's so much i can say about you, but i dont want to get the others jealous.
dont let me even touch on our DECA days!!!
we had soooo much fun. smh.
its a shame that its all coming to an end now...
well that time in our lives is... hopefully we'll start a new one.
i know you'll never forget about me... i mean its ME!
lol. but keep me in your thoughts && prayers. 
&& we haveeee to kick it after graduation everyday until you leave. like seriously.

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