Saturday, June 12, 2010

i meant to blog, i really did.

but i had orientation at UofH thursday && friday.
which was superrrrrr ridiculously wack!!!
i was soooo mad. smh.
they just kept talking, like literally giving lectures, saying the same things that we already know.
&& none of my friends were there.
&& there were no fine boys.
&& the girls were janky! one even brought her baby, smh.
like for real... you brought your baby to orientation??
the best thing about it was they gave us $15 to eat. lol.
the dorms were sooooo nasty!
they were superrr small && the walls were so thin, you could hear everything that was being said.
&& the worst part was the rooms were connected at the bathroom && 4 people had to share a tiny bathroom!
like God forbid such bad thing!
my closet at home is bigger than that thing, i refuseeee.
i'm complaining alot cause i didnt have a good time.
i skipped all the damn meetings, && just went to the ones they took attendance at.
i just left caused i was boredddd.
i actually called my cousin, [] she came && got me, && we just chilled at her apartment. lol.
didnt sleep till like 2. && i overslept through a meeting i was supposed to go to. lol.
it was a total let down. smh.
hopefully it'll get better when actual school starts.

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