Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i made a video blog yesterday.

but for some reason it wouldnt upload!!!!
ughhh. that was frustrating.
i'll try with my other camera...
i'm selling my ipad... if anyone one wants to buy it hit me upppp!
i'm really mad at myself for not staying on top of my blog.
i keep saying i will be never do cause i'm lazy.
yesterday me && huram went to fresh catch.
their food is nasty!
&& huram almost killed me.
&& i saw Victor. the dominican. at mcdonalds..
didnt talk to him cause we went through the drive thru.
Huram wouldnt even let me have a sip of his sweet tea. && thats how we almost died cause he wasnt paying attention.
smh... ughhh. i always get in cars with crazy drivers.
he's coming over to watch African movies... even though he's Haitian. lol.

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