Sunday, June 20, 2010


hey, how you durrren??
i'm cramping really bad right now.
it hurts so much && we ran outta Tylenol.
omg. i'm about to die.
its really bad.
but uhmmmm i guess today was a good day.
my dad's friend, gave me $200 for graduation money.
: O
ehhhhh?? cashhhh??
i almost cried.
lol. ohkay not really but i was super happy.
God is good, my money has been low evver since prom && everything i got after that i put straight in the bank cause i need to start saving again.
but now. ; )))))
i'm not gonna "blow" it.
i dont blow money, that a sign of immaturity.
i'm gonna treat myself to these polo shorts i want... or maybe buy these D&G eyeglasses i've always wanted.
well i'm gonna get those regardless, so i probably shouldnt spend this money on it..
i actually should really put all most of it into WDYM.
ehhh.. we'll see.

so i talked to papa today.
we had a lunch date tomorrow.
that kid alwaysssss blows me off.
keeps rescheduling it but promises we'll go on sunday. -_-
he rather chill with his white hoes than take me out.
but i know how to get him to do stuff.
"papa you dont love me, you said we'd go && you keep pushing it back. after all i've done for you && you wont even take me out to lunch??"
now imagine that in the most annoyng whiney voice ever.
"elizabeth, why are you whining?!"
works everytime! ; )))

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