Friday, June 25, 2010

dont think i forgot about Michael Joseph Jackson.

cause i didnt just didnt know what to blog about him.
it seems as it was just yesterday when i heard the dreadful news.
no one understands me my love for MJ.
other than just in his beautiful music, he was a beautiful person.
i know i've never met him, but i've read && seen alot of his interviews.
I've read soooo many articles about his life && legacy.
i feel like we've been good buddies for years. lol.
plusssssss, i loveeeeeeee his music.
nobody in there right mind can deny he was a musical genius.
&& if they do, send them to me.
my first son will be named after him.
Jeremiah Thriller Oluwasegun Jones <3.
i feel a couple of ya'll dying right now, dont!
i like that name. Michael is wayyyy to simple for my kids.
i like Thriller too, it was one of my first memories of him.
ya'll think i'm joking but i'm deadddddd serious.

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