Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Donald && Kevin Ikpo.

lol. until awhile back i didnt even know ya'll were brothers.
but this is the only real true valid memory of ya'll.
&& its with Tobi...
i didnt even know ya'll were cool like that...
one day i saw pictures with ya'll && i was like hmmmm.
&& after he passed i think i cried at every single status ya'll dedicated to him.
smh. i felt for ya'll cause i was like dying internally but ya'll were real close to him, i couldnt even imagine what kind of pain ya'll were in.
it made me real sad...
i've never lost a bestfriend or family or anyone i was close to for that matter, before Tobi.
ya'll stay strong cause if it was me... honestly i dont know what i'd do or how to move on from it.
on a lighter note..
&& you boys stay wildin on twitter!!!
follow them @teampolo_kevin && @teampolo_donald!

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