Sunday, June 27, 2010

; ))

so after all my bitching && moaning he finally came.
yep, so we went on our lunch date today.
hahahha. dont even know what to say.
he's like the most difficult person to be around.
he says i talk too much. -_-
well duhhhh! lol.
&& he kept bringing up Faggbot trying to disgrace me. smh.
smh.. i was laughing it off but he knew he was pissing me off.
he does that on purpose, deliberately tries to piss me off.
but i still love him.
he's kinda like the only man in my life.
dont worry it makes sense in my head..
ughhh... wait, i'm gonna try && explain.
relationships with guys always go awry.
i dont trust my brother or dad. && there are no such as "guy friends."
well except aj && Tear but their more like brothers.
he's the next thing i have, i try to make him my ace but he complains even more than i do!
but i had a good time regardless.
i told him when he gets to the nba he better hook me up with one of his teammates.
soooo... ya'll better look for me on the come up! lol ; ))

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