Wednesday, June 30, 2010

he's officially, official.

he's been dubbed with a nickname.
he's now reffered to as 2.
if you get it, you get it. 
&& if you dont, you dont.
but its pretty obvious/self explanatory.

: ))

today's a good day.
you ever woke up, && just felt good about yourself??
thats how i feel today.
i'm just in a good mood.
well maybe cause i actually went to sleep at a decent time last night.
i'm usually up till like 4 or 5 talking on the phone with the conference call gang.
me, taiwo, wale (sometimes kenny) && which ever dudes we decide to call that night.
its quite interesting/fun. lol.
i wish i didnt have summer school cause i usually get less than 4 hours of sleep.
i remember one friday we stayed on the phone from like 11 till 7 am the next day.
ahahahha. wait till my mom sees the bill.
that night it was me kenny, taiwo, wale && emmy.
we just played have you ever && would you ever for hours.
ahhhhhh, summer. goodtimes. lol.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

describe me in one word..

whenever someone describes me they say i'm "real."
i've heard that numourous times && i'm quite flattered.
i do keep it real, there's absolutely no reason not to.

Jermaine Johnson.

; )
he thinks he's up to the challenge of replacing Faggbot, being my new best friend.
today's day 1 && so far he's doing a good job!
texted me when he woke up, makes me laugh && always got something to say.
he's REALLY weird though.
i wish he wasnt Nigerian... ugh i cant stand those people.

he made me write this about him. hahaha.
i just scrubbed him.
but you better be good to me mister!
i'm not stable enough to go through what i went through all over again.
seriously, so you better not disappoint.

Monday, June 28, 2010

i tried..

well i finally redid my blog...
its as good as its gonna get honestly. lol.

just realized..

i'm searching for some guy to fill the position of brother&&father in my life.
i just want some dude to care about me as much as i do myself... i dont think thats too much to ask for.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

best performance everrrrrrrr.

i'm so proud of Chris for this!!!
Michael would be elated... smh.
Rest in Peace.

our covo on the way home. (Papa)

" life is sooo stressful."
"its really not, you just try to do it all by yourself."
"RONKEEE, i have too. who gonna do it for me then??"
"..well i'm always here for you."
"how Ronke, you cant do anything, you have no car!!!"

smh... thats like the saddest part of my life.
i hate when people throw that in my face!
its not my fucking fault, my parents dont love me!
smh.. damn, people always get me on that.
:' (

; ))

so after all my bitching && moaning he finally came.
yep, so we went on our lunch date today.
hahahha. dont even know what to say.
he's like the most difficult person to be around.
he says i talk too much. -_-
well duhhhh! lol.
&& he kept bringing up Faggbot trying to disgrace me. smh.
smh.. i was laughing it off but he knew he was pissing me off.
he does that on purpose, deliberately tries to piss me off.
but i still love him.
he's kinda like the only man in my life.
dont worry it makes sense in my head..
ughhh... wait, i'm gonna try && explain.
relationships with guys always go awry.
i dont trust my brother or dad. && there are no such as "guy friends."
well except aj && Tear but their more like brothers.
he's the next thing i have, i try to make him my ace but he complains even more than i do!
but i had a good time regardless.
i told him when he gets to the nba he better hook me up with one of his teammates.
soooo... ya'll better look for me on the come up! lol ; ))

Saturday, June 26, 2010

tonia's blog is soooo much cuter than mine.

well she's a creative person so it probably comes easy to her
i need some inspiration.
i keep meaning to redo my blog but i'm lazy.
i will i'm determined.
lol. kind of.
maybe i should start now...
nawww, i'll do it later i'm promise.

Friday, June 25, 2010

sooo, i think Faggbot is replaced.

"..if no one else tells you how special you are, just know that i will.."
sometimes this is all i need to hear..
i'm not looking for love, just some sort of validation every now && then.

just realized..

there isn't a person in this whole world that i can fully rely on.

including myself.

dont think i forgot about Michael Joseph Jackson.

cause i didnt just didnt know what to blog about him.
it seems as it was just yesterday when i heard the dreadful news.
no one understands me my love for MJ.
other than just in his beautiful music, he was a beautiful person.
i know i've never met him, but i've read && seen alot of his interviews.
I've read soooo many articles about his life && legacy.
i feel like we've been good buddies for years. lol.
plusssssss, i loveeeeeeee his music.
nobody in there right mind can deny he was a musical genius.
&& if they do, send them to me.
my first son will be named after him.
Jeremiah Thriller Oluwasegun Jones <3.
i feel a couple of ya'll dying right now, dont!
i like that name. Michael is wayyyy to simple for my kids.
i like Thriller too, it was one of my first memories of him.
ya'll think i'm joking but i'm deadddddd serious.


me aj && noella went to katy mills yesterday && saw Nicki Minaj!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i wanna blow my brains out.

i know this sounds odd,
but i wish i had someone to cry to.
i'm just in one of those moods...
idk mannnn, its like my life.
this crap aint breezy.
they wont buy me a car, wont let me go out, dont want me to have friends, dont give me money, talk PLENTY of shit about everyyyyything i do && expect me to be satisfied & obey them.
its really getting to me now.
i'm 18!!!
like 18 years old && i cant even stay out past 9.
(well, i do but thats what the say.)
i have no freedom, which equals no life.
its really sad mannnn, in 2 months i'll be going off to college.
i'm happy && scared at the same time.
i know myself, i know what i'm capable of && what i'm not capable of.
self control isn't one of my strong points. lol.
i'm gonna lie, when i get out, once every blue moon, i tend to let loose.
(not in a good way.)
i realize that && it scares me cause there are so much things i could get into when i get to college.
as long as i dont get pregnant or flunk out i'm cool.
i'll try my best to keep my self control.
i loveeeeeee how my parents lived my life instead for me. smh.
now i'm going out on my own... i'm not even gonna know what to do.
i've had to rely on everyone around me to help me do things && go places.
but we're all going different places. like ya'll dont understand...
i cant explain it... if you know me you'd know my situation.
i have to rely on aj, dami, tina or people i dont even like to take me places.
like you know your life is eff up when you have to call someone you cant stand to give you a ride. smh.
all of them are younger than me && i have to call them for rides!
i hate that, i cant even be independent.
when i was going through my prostitute stage it was even worseeeeeee!
i was dependent on everyone else around me only cause i HAD to.
&& its not even like my parents are strapped for cash!
they just bought a new benz. -_-
James is in Cali && his car is just taking up space in garage.
like what sense does that make?!
anyway thinking about all these things make me sad.. && i want to cry.
i'm longgg over due for a cry session.
just no one to cry to..

no one understands..

&& i'm afraid no one ever will.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my bed is so dirty.

hahahha. i can only sleep on one side, cause all my stuff ends up on my bed. smh.
i would have taken a pic of my whole room, but i didnt want to disgrace myself. lol.

watermelon && strawberriessss!

now accepting applications. .

i need a new guy bestfriend.
Drew was "everyything" to me.. but just like every single body in my damn life he let me down.
&& just like everybody in my damn life, he will be replaced.
just so much going on, && its bottled up inside.
which is seriously not a good thing for me.
i tend to explode, everywhere, all over everyone.
lol. that sentence is.. hahaha.
wow. i get distracted easily.
but back to this.
right! hahaha, wow. i think i'm really disturbed.
but i need someone to talk to, && keep me sane.
i trust NO ONE.
but i tend to be more open with males than females.
i seriously feel like my head is gonna explode.
damnnnnn, i'm seriously contemplating calling that boy up.
he understands me, no need to explain anything with him...
damnnnnnnn. wow.
i just realized that as i wrote it...
he understands me. all too well.
i'm soooo confused now.
...i'll hold off calling him for now, i just cant. smh.
hopefully i'll find someone to replace him.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just finished my playlist!!

its not as cute but it'll do. lol.
hope you like it cause i do.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm throbbing.

whispers* down there.
thats explicit.
aj's back from atlanta!
you never know how much you'd miss a person until they leave.
i rely on that kid alot.
but God will bless him with what i cant.
anyway.... i came on here change my music.
finally, i know right??
gradually i'll get to finish redoing the whole thing.
gradually. . .

Sunday, June 20, 2010

its been awhile.

i need to update my music.
its gonna be alllllllll DRAKE!
ohkay, i'll add some michael && maxwell && maroon 5. but thats it.


hey, how you durrren??
i'm cramping really bad right now.
it hurts so much && we ran outta Tylenol.
omg. i'm about to die.
its really bad.
but uhmmmm i guess today was a good day.
my dad's friend, gave me $200 for graduation money.
: O
ehhhhh?? cashhhh??
i almost cried.
lol. ohkay not really but i was super happy.
God is good, my money has been low evver since prom && everything i got after that i put straight in the bank cause i need to start saving again.
but now. ; )))))
i'm not gonna "blow" it.
i dont blow money, that a sign of immaturity.
i'm gonna treat myself to these polo shorts i want... or maybe buy these D&G eyeglasses i've always wanted.
well i'm gonna get those regardless, so i probably shouldnt spend this money on it..
i actually should really put all most of it into WDYM.
ehhh.. we'll see.

so i talked to papa today.
we had a lunch date tomorrow.
that kid alwaysssss blows me off.
keeps rescheduling it but promises we'll go on sunday. -_-
he rather chill with his white hoes than take me out.
but i know how to get him to do stuff.
"papa you dont love me, you said we'd go && you keep pushing it back. after all i've done for you && you wont even take me out to lunch??"
now imagine that in the most annoyng whiney voice ever.
"elizabeth, why are you whining?!"
works everytime! ; )))

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

texting with my mom.

mom: where is james??
me: at the movies.
[7 minutes later]
mom: he told you he was going to the movie house?

that just cracked me up!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

no words... just ; )

i made a video blog yesterday.

but for some reason it wouldnt upload!!!!
ughhh. that was frustrating.
i'll try with my other camera...
i'm selling my ipad... if anyone one wants to buy it hit me upppp!
i'm really mad at myself for not staying on top of my blog.
i keep saying i will be never do cause i'm lazy.
yesterday me && huram went to fresh catch.
their food is nasty!
&& huram almost killed me.
&& i saw Victor. the dominican. at mcdonalds..
didnt talk to him cause we went through the drive thru.
Huram wouldnt even let me have a sip of his sweet tea. && thats how we almost died cause he wasnt paying attention.
smh... ughhh. i always get in cars with crazy drivers.
he's coming over to watch African movies... even though he's Haitian. lol.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

solange in ankara!

soooo... my name is Elizabeth.

&& i'm pretty weird.
not as weird as you think though.
i'm just a very complex person.
i wish people could understand me && my actions but unfortunately everyone's not like me.
actually i think thats fortunate.
i found out what my Nigerian name means today!!!
i'm kind of happy cause i never knew. lol.
AdeRonke: God has given me something to cherish.
isnt that cuteeee?!
sooooo... i've been working on my summer boo's.
Koko. he will be by boo by force!
ahahahha. its so funny cause he wont even give me the time of day.
he thinks i'm joking but i really do have a crush on him.
&& then Victor <3. the dominican.
he's a lifeguard, so i drove past the pool, ever so casually, && "bumped" into him.
lol. he's so cuteeee. damnnnn, that boy fine.
wowww.... hold on i'm picturing him in my head...
my goal is to have 5 summer flings on rotation.
dont underestimate me... trust me, i got this.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

how i persuaded Dami to talk to Faggbot... again.

"your supposed to be my partner in crime && this is a crime of the heart! avenge meeeee!!"


i've been off my picture game.
i'll hop back on it.

i meant to blog, i really did.

but i had orientation at UofH thursday && friday.
which was superrrrrr ridiculously wack!!!
i was soooo mad. smh.
they just kept talking, like literally giving lectures, saying the same things that we already know.
&& none of my friends were there.
&& there were no fine boys.
&& the girls were janky! one even brought her baby, smh.
like for real... you brought your baby to orientation??
the best thing about it was they gave us $15 to eat. lol.
the dorms were sooooo nasty!
they were superrr small && the walls were so thin, you could hear everything that was being said.
&& the worst part was the rooms were connected at the bathroom && 4 people had to share a tiny bathroom!
like God forbid such bad thing!
my closet at home is bigger than that thing, i refuseeee.
i'm complaining alot cause i didnt have a good time.
i skipped all the damn meetings, && just went to the ones they took attendance at.
i just left caused i was boredddd.
i actually called my cousin, [] she came && got me, && we just chilled at her apartment. lol.
didnt sleep till like 2. && i overslept through a meeting i was supposed to go to. lol.
it was a total let down. smh.
hopefully it'll get better when actual school starts.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

rihanna has come back to her senses.

i might actually buy this issue.

my ipad!

so i'm pretty legit.
lol. i won an i pad at pro grad!
ps. thats my white baby daddy jimmy.


saraphin dhanani

your like my only indian friend.
you should be honored.
i know your gonna get mad but i haveeee to tell this story. lol.
ohkay, so dhanani was our roommate for our deca competitions.
3 black seniors && a indian junior. lol.
so one night we stayed up && just talked && somehow we got on sex, of course.
&& she was like.. "so when people say eat out, i dont get it...."
us- "its flesh, just skin."
"so you like rip the skin out && eat it?!!!"
it was the cutest thing ever cause she was so serious.
i remember back in the day when i used to be so innocent... then i went to hodges bend.
smh. never been the same since.
anyway she's a nice little girl && her brother is fineeee!
call me anytime saraphinnnnnn! ; )))

lyrics are seriously my life.

a part of me wants to leave you alone.
a part of me wants for you to come home.
a part of me says i'm living a lie.
a part of me says to think it through.
a part of me says i'm over you.
a part of me is asking why...


where do i even begin??
let me just list some songs to give you an idea...

they dont know -Jon B.
just a friend -Mario
love lost -Trey Songz
weak -SWV
the way you make me feel -Micheal Jackson
you make me wanna -Usher
torn -Letoya Luckett
lovers && friends -usher
i need you bad && i bust the windows out your car -Jasmine Sullivan
i hate you -Z'Ro
never can say goodbye -Jackson5

the list goes on && on && onnnn but i'll leave it at that.
soooo.... he made me cry.
&& i'm superrr weak for that, but i cant control my emotions anymore.
for a day i was sad, mad, angry. just all over the place... smh.
only my trueee readers know whom i'm reffering to && our relationship.
sooo... its been months.
over 3 months since we've talked.
we used to talk every single day. all day.
he used to take me places && i used to buy him things.
he was my "best friend."
then the best friend curse took its toll. smh.
everytime i call someone my best friend we end up hating each other.
but thats neither here nor there...
i dont even remember how we stopped talking.
i got mad at him for something... idk.
&& you know i be holding grudges...
so a few weeks went by and i got over it, i missed him. ALOT!
i tried to make it right, i swear i did.
but he never responded... after that day i gave up.
i mean in a few months he's headed to NJ && i'd probably never see him again so whats the point??
ohhhhhhh! i remember why i got mad at him!!!!
&& it was a very valid reason. smh.
but anyway.. time passed && i was missing my best friend.
there's so much stuff you could tell a dude over a girl.
i picked up my phone soooo many times to text him.
but i never sent anything, after a while i deleted his number so i wasnt tempted.
i was waiting for him to make a move, i already tried so it was his turn next.
weeks passed && school was about to be out.
&& i'm thinking to myself, "this nigga is gonna leave without saying bye to me."
so i had my ace, dami, text him, ever so causally. ahahha.
smh. he's so stubborn, he wanted MEEEE to text him.
-_- helllllllllll no. i didnt do it. he should be the one to text me.
fast forward to graduation.
he tried to talk to me. hahahha.
i didnt say a word! i played him, i'm not gonna lie.
but i planned on talking to him after... i didnt see him.
i told papa to tell him to text me by sunday...
sunday came && went.. no Faggbot.
&& i didnt even know that i would need him sunday, alot of stuff went down && i actually needed him.
&& he was no where to be found. smh.
monday comes, i was fed up && heateddddddd.
so i did it.
i texted him. 5 pages.
we went back && forth just arguing.
i was going SUPER fed on him. lol. i didnt realize i was that mad!
he's the easy going type && doesnt get angry very often but i made him mad.
he was cursing at me. he doesnt curse, he hates when it I curse. lol.
i let it all out, i didnt hold anything back.
i'm pretty sure i hurt his feelings. lol.
he hurt mine too.
i told him he was despicable && a bitch ass person. along with other things.
that has to be the first time i let someone know exactly what i'm feeling.
i told him everything, && dont regret it one bit.
but anyway we solved absolutely nothing... he blamed me, while i blamed him.
i dont really know what i expected the outcome to be...
i just had to get everything off my chest.
i told him he didnt care about me cause he would been have tried to talk to me.
his response was wackkkkk && that let me know that we were done.
*shoulder shrug*
i should have ended it, "i hope you tear you fucking acl! have a good life you tall bastard."
ahahahhaa. that cracked me up.
i dont mean that in the least bit, but i'd still say it. lol.
sigh* he made me sad... && when i'm sad i get angry.
idk why, it justs happens like that.
anyway i'm done, i still cant believe it all went down like that but i still love the dude...
i'm just not gonna wait for him any longer.
he'll come around when he's ready && if he doesnt well... *shoulder shrug*

sorry for the neglect of posts.

now that summer has started i've been even lazier.
my laptop was supposed to come yesterday but its on back order!!!
anyway i have ALOTTTT to blog about.
let me get on it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

the onukwu's.

hahaha. joy's in the back.^
where do i begin???
these are my girls!
been knowing them even before we were born.
lol. well our parents were friends.
used to always be at there house on thanksgiving.
&& at COP used to always make them buy suya or ice cream from that mexican bike.
man those were the days...
ya'll are like my little sisters && i'll always have ya'll back.
but ya'll cant fight in my backyard again.
ya'll always making parties fun like tonight.. that wackkkk argument was outta line!
ya'll my babies && i love ya'll.

sydney overmyer!

smexy uncle sydddddd!
its been... real.
you thought i was weird cause i only spoke to you whenever i wanted some gum.
hahahha. thats just me though.
&& i thought you were ghetto cause your nails were so damn long.
but we got to know each other through crystal && i found out you were a pretty cool person that likes to party (wayyyyyyy) more than i do.
lol. you know its true.
but i'm happy i've gotten to know you && if i ever need someone to go clubbing with you will be my first call!
ps. prom night was crazyyyyy! hehehehe.


i'm gonna start writing these now cause after graduation i know i'll be way too tired.
i graduate tomorrow!!!
can you believe that??
i thought this day would never come.
but its here && i'm excited. really excited.
i start summer school on monday. bummer right??
but i need something to do, i refuse to stay at home all summer watching tv.
my parents let me whip today.
it was a good feeling.
i'm not even gonna lie... i did text while i was driving.
lol. i couldnt fight it.
but other than that i realllll careful.
mmmk... let me start writing before i get tired.
i just came back from benga's grad party.
first one down.... many more to come!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

be patient with me...

i swear i'm gonna finish writing them... i jus worked out && i'm tired!!!
i graduate in 2 days...
its been a long time coming.
its gonna be bittersweet for me.
anyone that claims their not gonna miss high school should be shot in their eye cause its a lieeee.
i'll miss it, not everything about it, but i know i'll miss it.
i need to take a shower. i stink.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

alexander julian GIBBSON.

so aj told me to write about him...
but i just couldnt find the words to express how unique of a friendship we have....
he kinda did it all for me...

lol Elizabeth its funny how i went from disliking you with such a strong passion, now i love you . real t. you are one of the few people that any can be with anywhere anytime! like when i say you my rode dog its more than what you thing, you being my rode dawg mean that i can be with you take you anywhere at anytime time meaning that i wouldnt mind being with you 24/7 nd there are probably on 3 people in this world that i can be with 24/7 without being annoyed eventually, like i really love you nd didnt notice till now but you really are like my bestfriend. like one of the closest people to me, nd its good that you came around when it became time to rearrange my friends :/ so just know on my new pyramid of friends.... i kinda think your are at the top ... there now delete this shit nigga

-AJ Gibbson

adrienne copeland.

i havent talked to her since middle school.
but she insists i write a post about her....
honestly i dont remember anything real significant about our friendship.
i'm sorryyyy.
but i do remember that you were a nice person. like a real nice person.
&& thats good enough for me. lol.
&& she has nice skin.

denzel billy.

you are seriously my meanest friend.
&& your proud of that too!
like you are so dang mean!!!!
what has anyone ever did to make you so hostile?!
lol. but you always keep it real.
i like that about you.
&& you used to let me into the pool so i could die over Victor. lol.
good looking out!
mr. all american && homecoming king!
later on in life i'm gonna be happy i knew you cause i know your gonna do big things.
&& dont make janelle sad ever again!
&& i have to be a bridesmaid at your wedding!

kenny davis

formerly known as kendra davis.
this is gonna be short.
i like the way you tried to rape me at lunch today...
i used to be jealous of you cause randall was in love with you and always bought you stuff && i even tried to play like i liked him && he never bought me crap!!!!
even though you transformed into a man your still cool.
just dont try to put your dick on me again or else you will catch these hoes!
lol. jump stupid. && leave tina alone! she dont want you!
&& thank you for not having a decent picture.

shalom gibtsawi

hey girlfrennnn!
can you believe we're about to graduate be out this piece??
it seems like only yesterday, we walked into the hallways of travis.
you are my ethiopian sista!
we had some good laughs throughout the years.
&& i hope that will continue. dont forget about me at UTSA.
nasty ratchet school. lol.

towobola jokodola

now say that 3 times fast!
this girl is soooo cute.
i remember the first day i saw her... like her freshmen year.
she was so short && small, her belly stuck out!
it was the cutest little thing, cause she was such a lady.
now she's ghetto.
she got PURPLE highlights in her weave!
look what high school has done to the innocent.
lol. && we had so much fun in summer school last year!!!
what's in my pocket??? <-- insider.
she's a beast in monopoly.
thats my favorite game, but somehow someway bola would always end up with all my money && properties.
lol. i'm not gonna forget you. you better stay in touch.
&& thanks for not having any good pictures!

sheneque clarke!!!

i dont even know why you liked my status.
you know we aint cool!
you be giving me dirty looks in the locker room then you stole my man goose.
like move around!!!!
lol! jk.
you my girl. lol.
i wasnt kidding about that goose part though.
you know i steal everybody man so that shouldnt be much of a challenge <-- insider.
i'm gonna miss you. i'll come back, probably.
go easy on coach andy! lol.

michelle ubi!

wow. michelle...
lets seee...
my nigerian sista!!!
you are a real cool female && thick in all the right places!
like damnnnnnnn. your gonna make someone real happy one day. lol.
dont let petty high school drama make you lose your focus.
remember after 4 years you'll never see about 97% of those people ever again.
call me anytime!

vanessa idunoba

aka latoya gracia...
hmmm. this girl wow....
we've come along way.
i forgot we didnt used to like each other!!!!!
we almost fought in church that one time.
smh, but we're good now.
i'll actually admit it, you can sing better than me!
first && last time so dont get used to it.
people always tryna chop && talk down on you but you really a nice, pretty person.
as long as you stop using like 20 packs of weave on one style. lol.
embrace your height!
your tall, taller than most, dont feel uncomfortable about that.
it makes me mad when people make full of you for stuff like that.
i'm pretty sure if you could pick your height you would have chose something different...
wow. i just went off topic. lol.
you badddddddd, && dont let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Justina Ashley McIntosh.

wow. girl i love you. like real love.
even thought we almost fought in 6th grade lol.
(had to bring that up)
we got over that quick && became real good friends.
like seriously i dont know what i'd do with out you...
high school would have been super lame.
you always keep me sane, try && preach to me && always give me advice.
that i dont take lol.
your such a blessed beautiful young lady && a good friend at that.
dont change for anyone sunshine.
v-squad for lifeeeee! lol.
the last of a dying breed.
we've had so many sayings && inside jokes that i probably could write a book about.
there's so much i can say about you, but i dont want to get the others jealous.
dont let me even touch on our DECA days!!!
we had soooo much fun. smh.
its a shame that its all coming to an end now...
well that time in our lives is... hopefully we'll start a new one.
i know you'll never forget about me... i mean its ME!
lol. but keep me in your thoughts && prayers. 
&& we haveeee to kick it after graduation everyday until you leave. like seriously.

janet fajuroki

janet... wow. i've been knowing you since America's dream && Chapel of praise.
seems like yesterday when you && Joyce came... && Joyce used to say thrice.
i'll never forget that.
you keep it classy && your outfits be on point.
you should just focus on high school && not let petty drama get in the way of things.
Janet= cute && classy.

ehi.... oh lord.

this kid cracks me up, cause apparently i crack him up.
like i'm not that funny. lol.
he made one of my favorite convos this year:

ehi: "is that your real hair?" 
me: "...yea." 
ehi: "ayy, that shit crunk! Can i take some dna from your ear??" 
me: Ahhaha! 

moriam animashaun.

i'm one of the few people who can actually spell your last name right. lol
juice berries!!!!!
lol. i see you tryna take after my natural hair. smh.
better late then never.
but forreal...
i'been knowing you since america's dream.
&& i'm not even gonna lie i hated that place!!! lol.
you were so mean to me, always got me in trouble.
&& never shared your snacks!
then our moms became best friends && my life was literally over...
till this day i still get compared to you. smh.
but we had some real good times in deca, some memories that i never ever wanna forget.
we'll stay friends... its kind of inevitable.

morgan mclin!

morgan, morgan, morgan!!!
everytime i see this girl she's with another dude.
like on a real note!!!
lol. i aint hating though.
its been cool meeting you this year, me && your sister were cool last year.
i guess the mclin's are just cool people.
&& you can sing too.
i'll just gonna leave them with this video!

Wale Okerayi

my soulmate...
the love of my life!!!
wow this girl is great.
i'm usually pretty apprehensive about who all i let in my life && tell things too.
but i relate to her, a bit too much if i say so myself.
lol. but the thing is we're not alike AT ALL.
&& i like that.
we've battled so much LS together. lol.
but she's my babe, && if you have a problem with her you DEFINITELY have a problem with me.

Elexis Pantoja.

well she's gay. lol.
i hate the fact that i've known you pretty much all my life but dont actually know you.
kyle is mine! the end.
we should definitely chill next year at UofH.

susan nguyen...

lol. this my girl susan... i met her in summer school last year...
eco to be exact.
my first impression of her was she's a HOOOOOOOO!
i really thought she was a mega slut.
but she's not, real cool too.
always had the answers to the tests.
&& gave a perfect nail lady impression!
its been real ling.

alexander julian gibbson.

i think this post is a bit forced cause you already know how important you are to me.
but... i'll write it anyway.
*sucks teeth*
where do i begin?!!!
aj is....
wow. i'll finish this later... its gonna take awhile!!!

Donald && Kevin Ikpo.

lol. until awhile back i didnt even know ya'll were brothers.
but this is the only real true valid memory of ya'll.
&& its with Tobi...
i didnt even know ya'll were cool like that...
one day i saw pictures with ya'll && i was like hmmmm.
&& after he passed i think i cried at every single status ya'll dedicated to him.
smh. i felt for ya'll cause i was like dying internally but ya'll were real close to him, i couldnt even imagine what kind of pain ya'll were in.
it made me real sad...
i've never lost a bestfriend or family or anyone i was close to for that matter, before Tobi.
ya'll stay strong cause if it was me... honestly i dont know what i'd do or how to move on from it.
on a lighter note..
&& you boys stay wildin on twitter!!!
follow them @teampolo_kevin && @teampolo_donald!

Victoria... last name ______

*shoulder shrug*
Vickie.... so your cool with all my friends, which is pretty cool.
i think you have the prettiest set of eyes && eyelashes!!!
i always wanted to tell you that.
your a really nice bubbly person, which i need more of in my life.
&& your blog is quite interesting. i really like your posts.
there always so versatile.
i'm pretty sure we'll be seeing alot of each other this summer, around the african scene.
*eye rolls*
lol. <3

abraham bankole.

ohkay. like really what do you want me to say about you?!
i mentioned your name... is that enough??

Danielle Coffman.

all i know is your a good mother && you blog.
&& thats pretty much all that needs to be said. 

Ore Mary Amosu

hmmmm, what can i say about this nonsense girl...
lol. jk.
so you came to my church...
my first impression of you was like...
dont be offended!
..when did her plane arrive??
but that was me always judging a book.
i got to know you a bit through the twins && wale.
&& your a cool person.
dont worry, if it wasnt true i wouldnt say it!
&& your style is unique.
i like people that arent afraid to wear different stuff && you wear stuff with confidence too.
like that paperbag waist pants... i thinks thats what their called.
i always said no other person could pull that off.
keep being you, && like seriously dont change for anyone.
forgive me for the pic. lol. thats the only one i took of you.