Sunday, May 16, 2010

RIP tobi oyedeji.

like what the heckkkkk.
you left us. so abruptly.
smh, you were so talented, so nice, your future was already set.
but you left us this morning.
when i found out i didnt believe it.
i couldnt, but you were so blessed and highly favored that God decided you were too good for this world.
i just cant believe your gone. 
we were cool since our C.O.P days.
you were always tall && funny looking, && your suits were always too small.
ahahha. we used to play tagged after church && run around senseless.
then your aunt married my uncle, making you my family.
i just cant cant believe it! 
i havent cried so much in a long time. i'm trying to stop because i know your better off, but guilt is in my heart.
i went to prom yesterday too. alot of crazy stuff happened.
my parents didnt even know where i was, they thought i was in austin this weekend.
my heart is real heavy right now. that couldve been me.
i could've gotten into a car wreck last night too.
you had so much ahead of you, you had soooo much ahead of you.
lord, please take care of him! i know you will. 
i remember the last time you came to my house.
probably a few years ago, && we hadnt seen each other in a long time, && you just sat in the tv room legs all sprawled out over the carpet. 
&& it was awkward at first cause we didnt know what to say to each other but when we did start talking, we couldnt stop laughing. man, you were such a cool ass dude.
then i remember when it was the Travis v. Bellaire play off game. 
&& everyone from Travis was like "Tobiii, Tobiiiiiii!" to distract you && saying "tobi you suckkkkk." lol.
i would be like "hey, not too much!! you know thats my cousin right??"
lol. then 2 weeks ago at baby esther's birthday party, i was hanging with your parents at uncle sam's house.
we we're watching the playoffs && your daddy was so into it. 
we started talking about where i'm going to next year, && then we talked about you.
i could tell in his eyes he was proud, the way he talked about you, was so overjoyed. 
man, you'll be greatly missed.
i cant stand to think of how your parents are mourning now.
you were the only child, && you left your parents all alone.
:'(( tobiiiii?? why tobi??
we were supposed to go to a&m together && you were supposed to hook me up with one of your basketball teammates. 
lol. you didnt know about that plan, but i was cooking it up.
but God is God for a reason. i know he took you to show me && everyone else how short life could be.
&& that even the most talented, blessed, "aggiebound" people could be taken way.
you will forever be in my heart TOBI, i love you.
Rest In Perfect Peace.

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