Thursday, May 27, 2010

my eye hurts.

life is getting better.
just living one day at a time.
i've honestly changed my ways.
a lot of them.
life is just...
well, my eyes have recently been opened to life.
we just go day to day living, not really realizing that we're living.
you feel me??
i dont know how to elaborate.
but i do know that my time on earth is not guaranteed.
this post just made a u-ie. lol.
i swear i meant to blog about something else.
dang, i forgot.
&& my eye hurts.
its really puffy && red cause my contacts are irritated.
i started reading my bible now before i go to bed...
i mean its a start.
oh... yea, i remember what i wanted to say...
Tear didnt text me all day today cause i got an attitude with him last night...
ehhhh. *shoulder shrug*

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