Saturday, May 8, 2010

a longgg day...

a short easy week.
i'm tired.
got my hair done today.
got some stories to tell...
but i'm tired.
its late.
i should be sleep.
my eye hurts && i'm hungry.
i'll get an apple. or maybe a mango.
everytime i eat mangos it reminds me of The Jungle Book.
i'm tiredddddd.
if you couldnt tell.
ughhhh, i have a crush.
i always crush.
prom coming up.
i'm excited.
the dressmaker keeps pushing back the day of my fitting.
i wonder if i can dock her pay...
she's getting a HEFTY chuck of change from my pocket.
man, i need to stop blabbing.
i like to get drunk...
i'm not now though. but if i could be i would be.
i'm exhausted, goodnight.

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