Tuesday, May 11, 2010


life is life.
just ready to graduate && get the hell up outta my house.
thats basically my goal in life, to get outta my house. lol.
sad but true.
soooo, my plan is coming up.
things are put into motion, somethings working out && somethings taking its time to work out.
either way i'm SUPERRRRRRR excited && cant wait.
i'll be sure to blog about it when its over.
other than that everything is going fine.
i made amends with pappa && faggbot. (yes, IIIII did.)
lol. needless to say there is no hate in my heart.
friends are good, parents are backing up just a little bit.
&& i'm just in an all around good mood!

t-shirt line is taking off! people are impressed && respect what we're tryna do.
but WDYM is getting thrown slugs left && right by former "friends."
kayne said it best, "they'll always be haters, thats the way it is... hater niggas marry hater bitches && have hater kids."
you have a generational curse, but youuuuu can stop the cycle!!! ahahahha.
instead of throwing slugs our way, you should be using all that energy into adhancing your own line.
which is not bad itself. i dont get it....
&& it was over facebook too. like you dont got aj's number. smh.
you childish && thats why your shit will never prosper.
i'll finish this later class is over.

... i'm back. ohkay so like i was saying...
who are you??
like seriously, who the fuck do you think you are??
i'm doneeee, this is making me mad && will only lead to bad things.

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